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Please proof my invite

Hi ladies could you please proof my invites?  My FI is English and wants everything paper to have the Queens English and grammar just so you know, although I don't think this will matter here.  

We are getting married in a Catholic Church no mass.

Thank you very much!


Mr and Mrs Damyon Timothy last name

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter


Natalie Cara Last name


Mr Matthew Philip last name

son of 

Mr and Mrs Philip Neil last name


Saturday, the twenty-eighth of May

Two thousand and eleven

at half past two o’clock


Our Mother of Good Counsel Church

City state




following the ceremony at

half past five o’clock in the evening


The Merion Cricket Club

Three Hundred and Twenty Five Montgomery Avenue

City state




The favour of a reply is requested before………………….………



Accept(s) with pleasure_____

Decline(s) with regret_____


Menu selection (please indicate number of each):

Roast Beef Tenderloin_____

Salmon Fillet in Buerre Blanc____

Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Linguine_____

Re: Please proof my invite

  • If you are listing your parents' names, normally you don't also need to list your last name (unless it is different from theirs).

    Usually I've seen "son of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith" all on the same line.

    The times should be half after two o'clock.

    You might also want to call it Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church to clue in guests that it will be a Catholic ceremony (and therefore not short).
  • It actually should only be about 25 minutes.  Is that long/ not short?

    Opps I added in last name after my name, it's not on the invite.

    Thank you.  
  • Thank you very much.  

    Changes made.
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:cd062f89-8272-496a-b0ab-225e1f87acecDiscussion:09cb384b-ad0d-4038-a6fe-b67ef31894cbPost:2d32ecdf-86b6-461a-b56b-2a2c3bd37242">Re: Please proof my invite</a>:
    [QUOTE]1.  Mr. and Mrs. must have the period after the titles. 2. No bride's last name unless it is different from the parent's last name. 3. No "Mr." or last name for the groom IF you list his parents, unless his lastname is different from theirs. 4. Do not capitalize the year. 5. "half after two o'clock" Not that you asked, but that is a very large time gap between your ceremony and your reception.  What are your guests supposed to do for three hours?
    Posted by CMGr[/QUOTE]

    I agree with all of the above and would like to suggest one more:  Use numerals for the street address of the club.  I believe, when the number expands beyond a single digit, it it permissable not to write out the full text.
  • edited December 2010
    CMR -the guests are going to my aunts house for lemonade and iced tea etc while we take pictures.  Also we are doing a receiving line at the church.
    Until the British guests come to the Cricket Club to get a tour since they like cricket.  
    Also we are doing BP pictures first so family will join us later at the venue, but early for cocktails if that makes sense.  
  • If the name of the church doesn't include the word Catholic, I think it is silly to add it. If you were having a full mass, the invitation would say nuptial mass, but since you're not, you should just be using the name of the church.

    For an address over 10, you aren't supposed to write out the address in words, so for your reception site, it should be 225. It is super hard to read all written out.
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