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Happy Friday!!! & New Years Plans?

I hope everyone had a great week!!! 

What is everyone's NYE plans??

Re: Happy Friday!!! & New Years Plans?

  • Yay for Friday! My office gave us a 4 day wkend last weekend and this weekend! We don't have NYE plans but maybe a dinner out. It's not a big deal to us. And we also have our e-pics scheduled for Monday. Stay away rain and snow!
  • Going to friends, I think there will be around 10 of us and lots of great food. And sparklers. 
  • W e are going to  a club with a ton of food and drinks with some friends. Should be fun, i get to get all dolled up i can't wait!! :)

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  • FI and I are having a "just us" NYE this year. We are having dinner at a fondue restaraunt near my apartment and then coming home to drink champagne and watch the ball drop with our kitten Smile
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  • We are going out to dinner to an Italian byob with 3 other couples who are all pregnant so we will be going home after dinner and drinking a bottle of champagne while we watch the ball drop with our pooch :)
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    We are going to Charlotte for New Years. Wanted a change in scenery without having to drive far (we live in Raleigh). We will be doing dinner / drinks with another couple.
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  • I am being super lame for New Years and doing absolutely nothing. FI and I are doing long distance right now, and since I got two weeks paid vacation over Christmas we all have to go back to work on Monday the 2nd, so it doesn't really make sense for me to travel too far for New Years. I have been invited to a couple of events in the city I used to live in, which is about an hour from where I am now, but for both of those things I will only know the person who invited me and the rest will be mostly strangers. I feel like I would rather stay home and relax than make small talk all night.
    I'll probably regret it tomorrow, I made the same decision on Halloween and then regretted it when I was sitting home alone all night, but oh well.
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  • Tonight we have the ladies' holiday party and I am so excited! We only get to get together like this once a year. 

    Tomorrow I am going to drive back home, back to my FI! We'll have a laid back night- maybe cook a nice supper. It'll be our first time not doing anything for NYE, but we were so sick last weekend and we just want to chill and cuddle! Maybe watch movies and have some wine! 

    Happy New Year!!!
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  • since my FI and i got engaged in November, we have had one (ONLY ONE!) date night to oursevles (minus random days during the week after work when we cook together).  so many family activities/get togethers with friends/holiday festivities have been going on that we have had no time just for each other! we are taking our engagement pictures tomorrow afternoon/evening, and even though we have been invited to a few parties, are planning to cook, cuddle, wear sweatpants, and pop open some champagne with just the two of us. sounds lame, but i am looking forward to it more than i ever did when we went out in the past :)
  • FI and I are spending the evening at a fancy hotel with our friends who just got engaged on Christmas eve! We don't have our own place yet and their place is too small for all of us, plus her teenage son and his friends, so a hotel made better sense. Sunday will be devoted to nursing hangovers and watching the Giants destroy the Cowboys (I'm being overly positive hahaha) Enjoy your New Years everyone!! 2012 is our year!!
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  • We don't have any New Years Eve Plans. :o(

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  • We are going into Boston tomorrow night to meet up with some friends at their apartment.  I think we may go out to a couple bars if the weather holds out, if not hanging there for the evening.  I'm glad we have the Monday after off so we can relax Sunday and Monday before going back to work.  We both have had off most of the week, I've had to go in to interview two interns but that's all we've done haha.

  • FI & I are both sick...I almost don't have a voice & I have plugged ears...FI just has sinus pressure and most likely a sinus infection..hopefully it is just one of his bad migraines!!  Sooo...I am working both days, and with being sick, we aren't doing anything this year!
  • Oh man, I'm starting to feel jealous of all of you who will just cuddle up with FI! Sounds great to me.
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