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September 2010 Weddings

Final Fitting Today

My appt is at 3 this afternoon and I don't think the dress will fit.  I'm about to start my period so I know I have a bit of water weight.  But it was snug as a bug last month and I could've afforded to lose about 5lbs.  So now, with water weight, not losing any additional weight and eating like a cow the past 2 weeks, there's no way in hell that baby is gonna zip.  What should I do?


Re: Final Fitting Today

  • I voted asking your seamstress if she can let it out an inch.
  • I would say do nothing because you do lose some weight the week of since it's so stressful. but at the same time you don't wanna bank on that.... my comment was of no help lol sorry
  • take it out if it doesn't fit!  do not add something else to stress about.  just have her take it out.

    mine fit PERFECTLY for my last fitting--which was three weeks ago.  since then, i have stopped working out as much and eaten more.  if i gained even a pound, the dress will not be comfortable.  i am nervous too, and i certainly do not have time to get the dress taken out!
  • Take it out an inch mis..............no biggie!! Its made to be taken in or out
  • Mine was taken in too much at the top for my second fitting, but luckily it fit well at my third and final fitting.
  • I would wait & see what happens, although I wouldn't do anything about it if it is a bit snug. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised and it'll fit just fine. Also, ditto northstar in that you will probably drop a few the week of the wedding due to stress/nerves alone, and a snug dress is better than a loose dress.
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  • I voted "Have the seamstress let it out just a smidge" - if you are totally uncomfortable I would have her let it out of possible. You don't want to be uncomfortable the day of your wedding.
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  • I would have it taken out.  I wouldn't want to bank on losing lbs the week of the wedding b/c well, what if you don't?  I would rather have my dress a little loose than feel like I can't eat, drink or sit down all night.  And like Shauni said - do you really want to add the additional stress to your last week?  Trust me, with 5 days left to go, I think if I were also stressing over fitting into my dress I woulda killed someone by now.

  • You might not have a choice if doesnot fit ..so just let it out..
  • I would let it out a bit.

    I have my final dress fitting on Thursday, yes for my wedding Sunday.... Nothing like cutting it close :)   Lukily I have a corset back so I have a little bit of play in the fitting of my dress
  • I said do nothing becuase from what everyone has said (even the August brides) you will lose alittle wait the week of.
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