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FD dance MS dance....together

Trying to save fiance and i are thinking of picking one song, and he will dance with his mom and i will dance with my dad. At the same time. Of course we would like to choose a song together....but i think we need a shove in the right direction:) Anyone else do this? or even if not, any thoughts on a good song? Just lookin fo a little help :) thanks!
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Re: FD dance MS dance....together

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    i would LOVE to do this.  but my dad and i have a completely different relationship than my FI and his mom.  so the song could NEVER be the same.  i think its a great idea for those who can do it, though..

    Because you loved me by celine dion
    I'll Remember by Madonna
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    I'm in a similar situation except FH's parents are deceased so he will be dancing with MY Mom while I dance with my Dad.  We will then dance with his grown children.  I'm having a hard time finding a song too.  After some You Tube 'research' this morning I'm thinking about Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.  I like the version with Natalie too.

    What about Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler? 

    9 days to go!
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    You could always do LA's "What a wonderful world"

    My friend used that not to long ago at her wedding because they were combining the dance as well
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