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Happy Monday

Hope your long weekend was good!

I ended up seeing 3 movies in the the theater (yeah, we were bored) and no Chinese, b/c this is the one day they enjoy being off!!!

So we went to the movie tavern instead (movies and food)...it was okay! I did get a belated Chanukah gift (woot woot for purses)

what did you all do???
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Re: Happy Monday

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    We went to chinese buffet but was then too full to watch a movie, lol. So we just vegged around the house.

    Today we're snowed in from last nights blizzard and H has to go into work around 12. I plan on contuing the vegg til at least this afternoon!

    I love school vacation week :)
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    My FI's mother is Catholic, so he celebrates Christmas. We went to his parents' house on Christmas eve, then we participated in Christmas morning. His parents and sister even gave me gifts and my own stocking (which my mom is never happy to hear; she doesn't think it's appropriate). Then his mother made a ham for dinner (good thing I don't keep kosher...) and then we came home.

    TBH, this is the second year I've done the Christmas thing, and I really kind of miss Chinese food and movie day. My mom and brother did that; they saw "Tron". Bummer =/

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/cultural-wedding-boards_jewish-weddings_happy-monday?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Cultural Wedding BoardsForum:399Discussion:bba6797a-5bd2-4aac-a54a-a250fd2b6d8bPost:059dcfd5-7c01-4f2b-882e-2b0f8efc2dd9">Re: Happy Monday</a>:
    [QUOTE]TBH, this is the second year I've done the Christmas thing, and I really kind of miss Chinese food and movie day. My mom and brother did that; they saw "Tron". Bummer =/
    Posted by bsidebella[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, we spend Christmas day with DH's Christian parents and sister and her family. But I miss spending it with my family for Chinese and movies. Actually if DH had his way, we'd spend the day with my family because he loves the idea of movie and Chinese, but I think that would be so insulting to his family (who is really very nice) so ironically, I'm the one who always insists we go to his family instead.
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    Christmas Eve Day, i went to costco, the supermarket and out to lunch.  Then DH and I cooked a fabulous shabbat dinner and just hung out.

    Saturday, didn't do anything except for relax and we went for a walk.  DH wanted chinese but I got a horible tummy ache the last time we went to the kosher chinese place so we just got schwarma instead, which was really yummy.

    Sunday did a few errands before the storm and then another lazy day.

    I was supposed to have a dr. appointment this morning but I went and no one was there, luckily the hospital is only 2 blocks from my apartment so I wasn't too annoyed.  I'm just cleaning and vegging at the moment, as you can guess I'm pretty bored after 3 days of doing relatively nothing!  Maybe we'll finally hit up a movie tonight.
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    I've been off since Thursday.  On Xmas Day, we went to a Chinese buffet and then saw "Little Fockers', which was enjoyably stupid, LOL! 

    I was supposed to have work today but I was snowed in since yseterday - we got 15"!  My wonderful DH cleared the snow off my car and shoveled out my parking spot.  He is the BEST!
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    I feel like I ate for three days!

    We played Epic Mickey and Watched A Chrsitmas Story, Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music and Return of the Jedi.

    We're going ona cruise next week -- so we've been planning for that and still getting settled in our new house ... so busy!
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    We had dim sum with my son and his fiancee, then saw "Tangled."  Unfortunately, we learned that NotFroofy does not like dim sum.  (We already knew she doesn't like other Chinese food.)  She swears she is going to roast something next year.
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