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Venue hell!!

So were getting married in May. Friday we go to taste the food and pick the menu. We found out the restaurant is under new ownership - the menu has completely changed and so has the style of the restaurant. They do molecular-type food, and although I can enjoy a nice different meal, this was over the top.Nothing tasted right, we didn't feel it was us. Nothing on the menu was chicken/beef or fish we recognized. We are so dissapointed since the feel of the place completely changed from when we were there last. The only good thing is that since we just left the deposit, we can get it back. But we have to find a whole new venue and the wedding is in 3.5 months.

FI was upset when we drove home, and we decided to look at some more places ASAP. This might work out better, the original place is from where we are from, 2 hours away. Now we're thinking of staying here in our town and having it, so that will facilitate the venue selection etc.

Sorry it's long just a rant, looking for some support.

Thankfully its a 50 person wedding so it should not be that hard to reschedule...
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Re: Venue hell!!

  • That sucks. Did you already have a contract there or a date reserved? I can't believe they didn't contact you about the new management!
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  • ggmae had to find a new place a few weeks before her wedding and hers turned out beautifully!

    You'll be fine, just organize yourself and relax.  It'll all work out.
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  • That sucks!  But you'll be happy in the end that you scrambled to find a new place as opposed to just sticking with something you knew wasn't right.  

    Maybe try your local boards if you're not already on them?  The girls there could probably help a lot with recomendations of where to look in a pinch. 


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  • Thanks ladies for the support. I am sure we can find something
    This place was way too snooty...
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  • What is molecular food exactly?

    But yes, that is a big bummer that the menu and management changed.  I agree with East, check out the local boards for your area, they should have some ideas.
  • Oh yuck, I would not be happy at all! Good luck finding a new place!
  • Mocha, it's genetically altered food, normally very small funky looking portions at really high prices.
  • How frustrating! I also agree with East - go to your local! I think you may find your decision to keep it closer to home a lot easier. Good luck!

  • Genetically altered food?  Yeah, I wouldn't be too keen on that, at least not moreso than food already is genetically altered.
  • ggmaeggmae member
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    In Response to Re: Venue hell!!:
    [QUOTE]ggmae had to find a new place a few weeks before her wedding and hers turned out beautifully! You'll be fine, just organize yourself and relax.  It'll all work out.
    Posted by sucrets4[/QUOTE]

    Yup. We lost our venue 5 weeks before our wedding and had sent the invites out a week before that. We found a new venue within 24 hours though, so it worked out. You might come across some nice last-minute-type deals during your search like we did. GL!
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