Tell me about your Bridal Shower/B-Party

My MOHs are asking me what I really, really want included in my Bridal Shower/B-Party.  My brain is totally blah right now and I need some inspiration, so I thought I would ask you all:

What details did you love, love, LOVE about your (or someone else's) Shower and/or B-Party?

***edit:  lol, this is my evil post (#666).
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Re: Tell me about your Bridal Shower/B-Party

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    My girls asked DH (then FI) 20ish questions, videotaped his answers and used to play a game where we guessed his answers and then they played his answers.  Super cute and fun.
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    At my shower, we did the usual ice breakers, then did a 20 questions about Carrie game (my mom won), and a contest where you get points for the random stuff in your purse (I won :) ).  It was fun, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I just enjoyed the food and the company, for the most part.

    For my b-party, my BMs reserved the largest room at this karaoke place in Seattle where you get your own room (about the size of a bedroom), with a couch, mid-size tv, and some chairs, and you get to karaoke your heart out.  :)  My friends had decorated the room, and they arranged to have champagne and served cupcakes.  It was awesome!  We had a great time there, and stayed for I think 3 hours, then a smaller group of us went dancing.

    Something to think about is how big you want your events to be.  We had maybe 13 guests at the shower, and there were 8 at the b-party.  Both were just the right size for me - not too big that I couldn't talk to people, and everyone who was there was someone I really enjoy and wanted to celebrate with.
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    There was a game where after minlging with everyone, the host had me leave the room and everyone had to write down things that I was wearing or shoes or earring or what was in my hair, etc. then on the same card were things or questions that would have been on the wedding invite like location, date, time, etc and who ever got the most point win.

    the icebreaker was really cute too... we stood in a circle and everyone told their most memorable story with me and it was nice going back down memory lane with everyone :) Some where funny, some where sweet, some had a very different version of how I remembered things happening!!! hahah
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    My bridesmaids are throwing me a cocktail bridal shower.  It will be in the evening on a roof top in downtown Seattle.  That is all I know for sure, the rest is a secret! My aunt is also throwing me a bridal shower and is thinking about doing a tea.  Quite a contrast but I am super excited for both.

    For a shower that I threw for my friend we did an around the world theme.  We had food from one country, drinks from another.  The fun part was we hired a henna tattoo artist and she gave everyone a henna tattoo.  We also incorporated wedding shower games from other countries but I wasn't involved in that so I really don't remember the games.  The bride loved it!

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