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AHR - Are you leaving out any traditions?

My FI and I will have a small wedding in Jamaica and a big at-home reception the day after we return.  I am just wondering, did you or will you leave out any of the reception traditions, such as introduction of the wedding party, first dance, toasts, etc.?  I wonder if it's weird to do these things since the wedding ceremony will be a few days before the reception.  Besides, some people think AHRs are tacky, so I don't know if these traditions would make it more tacky.
What do you think?
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Re: AHR - Are you leaving out any traditions?

  • We are doing our AHR 2.5 months later and still doing some of those things. We don't have a wedding party to introduce, but we will have a few toasts and our first dance. We are skipping the father/daughter & mother/son dance, and we are not throwing a bouquet, garter, or doing any sort of dollar dance, etc. I would say go for it if it's something you want to do.
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  • I am forgoing just about everything, except maybe the dances because they  kick things off.  I am doing all of that in PuntaCana so I would feel silly doing it over. 
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  • My fiance and I are planning on forgoing all reception traditions except the cake cutting.  I love cake... :)
  • I agree with PP - do what ever feels right to make the AHR truly yours!

    Our AHR is just under 3 weeks after we return. I'm wearing my dress again to get pics with family who couldn't make it (and just to have an excuse to wear it again!). We're doing the cake cutting again (we're have a little cake made for us, then serving sheet cakes to the guests). We're also doing a few of the toasts and first dances, just because we won't have a formal reception at the resort. We're forgoing the garter and bouquet toss as well as wedding party introductions.
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  • We are having ours about 2 1/2 weeks after we return, we are cutting the cake and doing the dances, I'm not throwing my bouqet because I just want to give it to my 3 year old daughter and we aren't introducing the wedding party
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  • Thanks, everyone.  I had planned to skip the wedding party introduction, and I wasn't going to do bouquet & garter toss (just because I don't like them).  I was just curious to see what everyone else was planning to do.  Keep the replies coming!
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  • We went from not doing any of the traditional stuff at the AHR to doing all of it!  Ours was a week after we got back (freakin' me and my crazy ideas!).  And within that week I had even decided to do the bouquet and garter tosses (which I had been previously been against doing)...we had a cake, I wore my dress (which I knew wayyyyy in advance I was doing that...not many brides get to wear theirs more than once!), we had toasts, and we did the dances...and we were introduced into the hall.  The only non-traditional thing we did was combine the dances into one...we chose a long song, DH and I danced, then we got our parents, then motioned for our WP and it was brilliant and fun and laid-back and the guests loved it too.  We did many of the traditional things too because DH mom & grandma didn't go to Jamaica for the DW and we didn't have a formal reception at the resort either.

    So like PP, I think it depends on what is right for you.  We had more people expecting us to have an AHR and I think that people would have been offended had they not been able to celebrate with us. 
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    Our AHR is going to be completely non-traditional. Haha.  It is on a Sunday afternoon, we are not having a DJ (may play iPod in background), NO DANCING (we don't like to dance), we are not serving a meal (having hors d'oeuvres instead), no liquor except champagne (which everyone is mad about), we are not having a head table....or any regular sized tables for that matter, we are not, under any circumstances, having any speeches...I hate that part of weddings, so I don't want it to happen at mine!

    I think the only thing that is traditional is the fact that we will be cutting the cake!
  • We are doing it all - The catch - It is 4 days after we return.  No one is going with us for the ceremony, so it feels right to do it all!  We are also showing the video of our vows with an LCD projector.  
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