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Did you watch "The Americans"?

Re: *Ali*

  • I did!  DH was like, "It's so cool that they found Americans who look like Russians to play Russians who act like Americans."  To which I replied, "You mean they somehow magically found actors that look like me?"  Genius, that one.

    I am very intrigued by it and it blows my mind that this was going on not that long ago, within my lifetime, you know?

    Holy balls, Keri Russell looks like my mom when she was in her 20s/30s.  It's kinda creepy.
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  • I love that Keri Russell is such a badass on this show.  And I watched "Brothers and Sisters" and loved Matthew Rhys on that show.  I like them together.

    OMG!  The end!  I *KNEW* that he knew the FBI guy was snooping around.   Crazy. 

    I can't wait to see where this goes. 

    And yes, it's crazy that this was not all that long ago.  The music on the show is going to be EPIC!  I loved that they were playing "In the Air Tonight" when they were going to dump ol' boy.
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    I loved the bodysuits with the Guess jeans.  Classic.

    You could tell the FBI dude just KNEW they were Russian spys. 

    She is such a badass.  The whole mother country pride and slapping her husband because he might defect?  Jesus Christos.  DH already said, "She's gonna have to kill her husband." 

    I also love the disguises.  And him listening to tape recording of his wife doing another man?  Intense, yo.
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  • I know...I was like, "Dude, you're uncomfortable.  I'm uncomfortable. TURN IT OFF!"

    I do love that he beat the crap out of the guy that hit on his daughter.  I watch Sons of Anarchy too, and that type of beat down is par for the course on that show.

    She loves her country more than the kids she birthed.  Mr. Spy may have to go, but I think they'll let him linger for a couple seasons.  ;)
  • The show starts out with a BJ, brutal rape, and a pedophile hitting on a 13 year old.  You know it's gonna be good!

    That beat down was awesome.  Again, the scraggly hair digsuise was awesome.

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  • I starting watching this morning, and only got through the first 40 minutes. I'll watch the rest tonight. I think it's a keeper.
  • YAY!  I'm glad you're watching it NOLA.  :)
  • I think that the daughter is going to figure things out.
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    [QUOTE]I think that the daughter is going to figure things out.
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