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Re: DQ

  • We're night owls even on work nights and love to sleep in on weekends but not too late!!
  • i stay up later usually but he is in bed at a decent hour most of the time =)
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  • I go to sleep earlier and am better about waking up earlier (except on weekends when I love to sleep in, haha). FI is much more of a "night owl" type person than I am. Though that's been changing the longer we've been together and he's usually in bed within an hour of me now :)
  • We are totally opposites! He loves to stay up until late and I am the one that loves to go to bed early. I love my sleep...!!!
  • We are both night owls and HATE getting up early!!!
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  • we both stay up til like 3am (at least), and then i wake up at like noon hahaha...he usually gets up a little before me though which starts my "wake-up process" of slooooowly getting out of bed lol
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  • As a teacher, I am in bed at 9 pm and up at 5:30 am on weekdays. But, on weekends and breaks (like this week! yay!), I am still on what we call our "college hours"- up late, sleep in late!
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  • FI on weekdays is in bed at a decent hour, I however am a night owl.  He wakes up an hour earlier than me during the week but on weekends he always sleeps in where I still wake up around 8 or 9 even more so when his daughter is with us... she NEVER wakes up FI always me lol, not that i mind I love that little girl!!!
  • I go to bed early all the time! Usually bedtime for me is about 10pm during the week then I'm up just before 5am (gross!). FI usually comes to bed with me, unless he wants to stay up to watch a game. It sucks cause on the weekends, sleeping in for us is like 9am! hahaha...being grown up sucks!
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  • We are on different shifts.  He gets up around 5 am and stays up till 9pm.  Then i get up at 9pm and stay up till 2 am.
  • JEGs has to be up at 6am so he usually goes to bed around 10ish.

    My work pattern varies.  When I am on the day shift I have to be UP at 4am so I go to bed around 9:30.  When I am on the night shift, I am scheduled till 11:30pm so I don't get home until after midnight.

    But on the weekends.. I am a night owl and a morning person!  haha 
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    We're total opposites, I love staying up late, its when I'm most productive.
    Whereas, when we do anything with friends, FIs asleep in a chair somewhere by 12, on the dot. Its crazy.

    I should also add that even if I go to sleep at 3 and FI goes to sleep at 10, if I wake up at 10, he'll still be sleeping.
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  • Normally I'm the one who likes to stay up later, but since FI is out of work, and I have to get up at 6 each morning, I'm in bed usually around 10:30ish. FI on the other hand has been playing WoW and sometimes doesn't come to bed until 2. The weekends we both stay up late and sleep in. Cannot wait for a three-day weekend!
  • Neither of us are really "night owls" and both of us are "morning people" somewhat... We are really only up late if it is for a specific reason (party, bar, etc) and rarely sleep past 9am on the weekends... I am kinda happy we are similar in this respect because I have dated several guys that were the total opposite and I was DRAGGING them out of bed on the weekend mornings because I felt like the day was "wasting away"!

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  • We are opposites. I love sleep and have to wake up early, so I find myself either napping in the evening or just going to bed early.
    He goes to bed early with me.... but I say we're opposites because whenever I'm not around, he stays up all night and then feels miserable the next day when he has to wake up for work.
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  • I voted stay up late, but we're stay up late who are opposites.

    We stay up until 1 a.m. usually and then I give up and go to bed....and he sometimes come with or sometimes comes with, sometimes comes to be several horus later.

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