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Hi Ladies,

I know this has been asked before, so I am sorry for asking again, but I couldn't seem to find the awnser, so I am asking again..

I want to make our guestbook with our e-pics.  I know there are tons of sites that do this.   Which do you recommend?   Do any of them have a guestbook format, or are they all phot album that you adopted for guestbook.


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    I have used Shutterfly, Kodak, and Mypublisher to make photobooks.  We used Kodak to make the guestbook and I was really pleased.  I liked the formats for Kodak a lot, and they had the cutest backgrounds.

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    i used for our guestbook, b-pics book and a family book . you upload all the pics, they auto-fill the pics into the pages and then you can change the layouts and move the pics around. i found it pretty easy and the quality is great. good luck!
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    I used Inkubook for our guestbook (8.5x11 hardcover) and for our wedding album (12x12 hardcover).  Their software used to be pretty difficult to work with, so I did all my layouts as full pages in Photoshop, but it seems to have become a lot easier to use as they've made lots of improvements and upgrades in the last few years.  They also have lots of coupon codes periodically (BOGO, 30% off, etc), so google for them if you're going to use them.
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    Thanks Ladies - I appreciate the recommendations.  I will let you know how it turns out :)
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