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October 2010 Weddings

Honey Bunny Snookie Wookie Pooh Bear

What are your nicknames for each other?  Ours are Pooters (him) and Guppy (me). 

When we first started dating, he was Old Spice (becuase he's older and has red hair) and I was Baby Spice for obvious reasons.
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Re: Honey Bunny Snookie Wookie Pooh Bear

  • just plain old hunny mostly... sometimes hubbs (hubby) or bebes.
  • Lol this is gonna sound so wierd...Fi and I call each other Pop. 
    He also calls me little Noley Canoli but were usually just Pop and Pop.
  • He calls me cuddle bunny for short.  It used to be cuddle bunny pumpkin devil.  Sometimes I'm Ms. Bunny and he likes to talk about when I'll be Mrs. Bunny.

    He's Mr. Bunny
  • im kk (short for kitty kat) because he thinks i need a lot of sleep (which i like, but dont need)

    and he is C (short for cheetah) because he is such a good athlete and so fast
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  • At the beginning we had a lot.  I called him SBK (which stood for Stumbling Block Krestel.  It was a reference to something the Nazarene church talks about alot, and how he was a bad influence on me, all making me wanna bang him and junk.  lol)

    He'll usually call me some variation of "baby" based on whatever is going on that day or a story I told him earlier.  Like, if I told him I was going to Knottie night, he'd call me "babyknot" that night.  Or when I got a new phone and was excited about it, I was "babyphone."

    He also calls me babydoll and Lil' J alot, which I find endearing.

    Usually it's just "babe" though.
    Jacki and Wes ~ 10.2.10
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  • We use the same nicknames for eachother....BooBoo, Boob, Bub....almost all the same but we have like 10 haha....it's bad though because we're so used to it that I called him booboo in front of people by accident and I got a look haha

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  • He calls me Beh-bay, or Cutie Pie. He tries to call my Pumpkin, WHICH, only my dad can call me!

    I call him my GQ, Bunkey, or Lover.
    ~* Diana *~ ~* October 9, 2010 *~



  • Babe, Baby, Honey, Dear...all the usual stuff.

    He calls me Poopy-butt. I hate it.
  • Chris calls be hun and I can him babe. 
    Michelle and Chris 10.10.10 ~Planning Bio~Updated September 12th~ 10/10 Siggy challenge: Walking down the aisle Photobucket
  • We both call each other kitten or kitty kat. :)  He also calls me boo ever since we saw monster's inc, haha.
    Maureen & Jonathan - 10.09.10
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  • I call him Googlybear. He doesn't have anything for me though. Booo.
  • i call him Addy and he won't call me by a nickname bc i hate them so much.

  • I always find it interesting to see who does the Honey thing and who does the Baby thing.  I did the babe/baby thing with my ex and it felt totally natural.  But FI and I call each other honey, and I cannot even imagine calling him baby. I think he'd look at me like I was crazy. lol
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  • He calls me hun occassionally.. otherwise, just our names.
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  • Oh and sometimes, Ryan calls me Stinkbutt. But usually it's him that poots all the time!
    ~* Diana *~ ~* October 9, 2010 *~



  • We always blame any poots on the dogs.
  • FI calls me babydoll or honey.  I call him honey.
  • Hahaha, I always call Mike "Sanjaya Malakar" as in the one loser of American Idol...because I think Sanjaya is douchey so I just tease Mike by calling him that. 

    Yeah, I'm pretty endearing like that.
  • Boobear, Boo...I call him Bubby :)
    Kelley & Daniel | 10.23.2010
  • He calls me Pookie Bear. I call him hunny, hunny oats, hunny bear, etc..
  • I call him Dare Bear (becasue his name is Daryl and he's like a big teddy bear! haha) and now my family calls him that when they want to tease him haha

    He calls me Peach because we joke that I bruise easily so one day I said "I bruise like a peach!' and so he started calling me peach :)
    Siggy Challange: Me and my girls :)
  • I call him Pepper and he just calls me Lovely, I hate any other name from him, it sounds weird to me...
    Kristen & Ryan | 10.10.10
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  • He usually calls me some variation of sweetie/sweetheart/etc, and I get Chels more out of him than anyone else. I always call him sunshine, because the song 'Sunshine of My Life' fits so well when I think of him. His friends call me the corrupter, because when we first started dating, he looked like Jesus Christ, so they claim I turned Christ to sin. He's the one on the far left. Eric (one of our gm's) is in the middle, and Nate is on the far right.

  • We both use lover bee or love bug.  His unique name is sengebee which means 'my squirrel' in arabic (he is egyptian), and my unique name is rubic cube b/c once he figures out one side the other is confusing again :-D
  • haha I call him POOPS...because he ALWAYS toots!  and he calls me SCOOPS because I seem to have "scoop" as in news...

    together we are

    Poop 'n Scoop :)

  • I'm late, but I had to get in on this one...

    He calls me Beautiful, and I call him hunny, love, baby, muffin & marky (I'm a pet name person)

  • He calls me JuJu and I call him Jugie.

    Jennifer & David 10/15/10
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  • Shawn is Juany (I put it in a drunken email, Shawny Juany)
    And he calls me Marie (My middle name, but he rolls the R so that we are a little mexican couple) LMAO
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    Crystal and Shawn
  • He calls me Hun, and I call him Baby (sometimes Babycakes). Sometimes he calls me Baby too, though.

    I took to calling him my Mississippi Mud Bug after an especially hilarious dinner we had at Joe's Crab Shack one night. I only call him that behind closed doors though. He'd die if I called him that around anyone else.

    Dominique: I met Sanjaya after he was booted off AI. I lived in Federal Way, WA (his hometown) at the time he was on AI and he did an appearance at the local mall. He is a Class-A Douchebag. Can't stand that guy.
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  • He calls me babe, baby, my love, precious, or just by my name.

    I call him babe, honey bunny, sexy, or by his full name. We also make alot of silly names for each other.
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