Rehearsal dinner restaurants

I am looking for a great rehearsal dinner restaurant in Center City. I only have 12 people and would love to have a separate space on the restaurant but that isn't a deal breaker. Any thoughts?

Re: Rehearsal dinner restaurants

  • I have a few favorite places in philly....
    If you want a really classy place - Bistro La Minette - small french restaurant in south/center city. Great food, intimate atmosphere.
    If you love seafood - Route 6 on Broad. I just attended a b-day dinner there with about 10 people, so they do groups.
    Looking for interesting food/fun vibe - Zahav. Small plates format and great great drinks.
    If you want something really historic/philly - The City Tavern - in old city, they have separate rooms, the waiters all wear period garb like George Washington.

  • really depends on your budget and what type of food you want. Try Amada, Cuba Libre, Triumph Brewery, Manayunk Brewery
  • Thank you!  I am kind of open as far as price is considered.  I look at a couple places and the minimum is $1,000 which seems like a lot for only 11 people who probably won't drink a lot the night before the wedding!
  • We had ours at Union Trust steak House. There are 3 rooms on the second floor that overlook the dining room.
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