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Reception Sites in Saratoga/Capital Dist./ Lake George Areas - Outdoor and Affordable???

Hi!  I'm recently engaged and planning my wedding upstate from Long Island.  I grew up in Troy and really would like to have an outdoor reception if possible -preferably in the Saratoga/Lake George area but I'm willing to look anywhere.  My dream wedding would be in a tent somewhere but now that I've been looking I'm realizing that may be out of budget.  We're paying for this shindig ourselves and I would really like to keep the price per plate below 100 bucks.  Any suggestions are welcome!!!!

-  Thanks!!!

Re: Reception Sites in Saratoga/Capital Dist./ Lake George Areas - Outdoor and Affordable???

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    I'm getting married at River Stone Manor in Scotia.  It is located right on the Mohawk River.  They have a gorgeous tent with full bar and dance floor right on the river that is up from May until the middle of October.  I think there is a guest limit of 125 on the tent though.  The ballroom holds about 200.  Mine is costing $85/person including tip and tax.  It includes Cocktail Hour and 4 hour reception.  House liquor or premium for cocktail and beer wine and soda the rest of the time.  A salad, app, 3 entree choices, cake, tea, soda, water and coffee.

    The use of the tent is $700 I believe and if you want your ceremony there it's $2.50 a person.  They also have a gorgeous 1800's manor house that you can rent for $300 and the girls can all use it to get ready in for 2 hours prior to the wedding.  I choose to do this rather than a limo.

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    shoot me an email, [email protected], I think I can help you out with this, I live in Lake Placid and go to Lake George all the time.  I have a couple places in mind, but prefer email if you don't mind, I don't check this website enough.
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    Thanks so much!  I came across the River Stone Manor online and think I am going to check it out over Memorial Day weekend.  I always pictured our wedding in a tent and part of having it upstate is not only becasue it's where I grew up but to enjoy the outdoors!  Congats on your wedding and thanks for the info.!!!

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    if you still need some info, we ALMOST got married at a place called Crest Haven Lodges in Lake George (we ended up moving our wedding to lake placid though). 

    i think they would be a nice venue for a group of 120 and under. 

    if that meets your criteria, let me know and i can give you more details. 

    good luck!
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    Thanks!  I've considered Crest Haven after seeing it online and I'm not ruling out Lake George but I think we've changed our focus more to Saratoga.  We're looking at a few places over Memorial Day weekend and then if we can make it back up I may look at a few in Lake George.  It's really just a matter of convincing all fo the downstate people to travel up that far so we're luring them up with Track Season... Not that it will be any cheaper then.
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    We got married at the River Stone Manor and LOVED it!  Also went to a wedding at the Georgian in Lake George and that was really pretty too!  It has a great view of the lake!
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