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Disposable aisle runner?

I'm getting married on the grass by a lake (hopefully - weather permitting!).  I just talked to a local party rental store and they rent disposable aisle runners for $50.  They are 100 feet and made of thin white fabric.  I'm going to be heading into the store next week to look at them, but I'm wondering what people think of them.  Do you think our heels will go right through them?  Is it worth it?


Re: Disposable aisle runner?

  • Yes, your heels will go through it.  It's not made of marble or wood.  I'd skip any aisle runner.
  • Thanks Future-Mrs!
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    Those disposable runners are cheaper at Hobby Lobby and theyre thinner than toilet paper!! Im using muslin for my outdoor wedding. Its cheap and its thick for outdoor weddings. :D
  • You can get the same thing at any craft store (like Jo-Anns or Michaels) for $30.  If you wait for a 50% off coupon, you can get it for $15.  That's what we did but we were on concrete.  I don't think I'd use a runner on grass.
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  • I was just at a wedding where they used one of these on grass. It blew all over in the wind and tore like crazy. And it was not a windy day at all. The bride and her father stood there waiting for almost 5 minutes as people ran around gathering up stones trying to hold it down. It was such a waste of money and effort and a real distraction from the special moment of seeing the bride for the first time. Just skip it and spend the money on something else.
  • I would just use flower petals. You can get some that match your wedding colors.
  • I like the flower pedel ideas.
    You can also check out www.dharmatrading.com for fabrics, silk habotai is a nice thin fabric for pretty inexpensive :)
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