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Budget Beach Honeymoon

Is there anywhere to go that is a beautiful beach honeymoon for around $3K for a week?  I keep looking at places in the Caribbean only to find I'm pushing $5K+...

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

Ideally I would like to go to the Caribbean, but there is also Hawaii and Mexico, the Keys etc...

I just don't know how much this kind of thing costs.  I haven't traveled much.  At this point I am saying that I have $3K to spend, but it might wind up being more or less.  I just want to know what the best option is for my money. 

We are looking for adventure more than just being beach bums.  Jungles, outdoor excursions, and nature's beauty.  We don't care as much about night-life and social interaction. 

Re: Budget Beach Honeymoon

  • You can get to Mexico from many places for less than $500 r/t.. We're going to cancun and I think our tix were right around $300.. AirTran routinely offer $100 each way fares.. I would def look into that.

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  • Based on your budget, I would suggest you check out Dreams Villamagna. Dreams Villamagna is an all-inclusive located in Nuevo Vallarta. The resort provides an excellent view of both the beach and the mountains. In my opinion, the staff is absolutely wonderful. As soon as you get there, they greet you with a wet towel to cool you off.  There are also tons of great activities at the resort, the food is amazing, and the cocktails are delicious! I think this would make a great place for a honeymoon. You can usually get some good deals on Dreams website, but to stay within your price range, you may want to check out tour providers first. I hope this helps! Congratulations!
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