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whirlin disc or turner music?

I have to decide whether to use Dan from whirling disc which I have heard he is good and at a reasonable cost for 6hrs or to go with turner productions $400 more expensive and 1 hr less. I have heard great things about turner productions making the day special such as doing our wedding vows as a voice over at our first dance, but Steve the owner would not be doing it. Has anyone heard or seen first hand eithe rone of these companies at a wedding?

Re: whirlin disc or turner music?

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    We had Whirlin' Disc at our wedding a few weeks ago, and they were great! We originally thought we were having Dan, and our photographer told us he is an awesome DJ. We actually ended up having Bob at our wedding, and he was also awesome!
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    whirlin disc! he was amazing at cousins wedding and thats who were having! cant wait
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