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stressed already......

Okay, so I have been engaged for about 2 weeks and already feel overwhelmed with the planning.  We ahve picked 11/24 as our date since we wanted a late fall wedding and got a deal we couldnt pass up at the venue we wanted ($10K  off thanks to my negotiating!).  So far, here is what I have gotten done

Church booked
Venue booked
DJ, Photo, video deposit booked

I am in the process of selecting my bridesmaids.  I think we want our colors to be a blueish purple but having a difficult time with a secondary color.  I originally thought a shade of orange but where would you use it other than flowers?  I also thought a silver would look nice.  Anybody have any ideas?

Re: stressed already......

  • I am using eggplant purple and burnt orange
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  • Dark purple and dark teal here.
  • Our colors are dark purple with accents of emerald green and sapphire blue.
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  • i think that the gray would look really good with your color!
  • eggplant and fuschia. love anything pink and purple dont care if its not fall

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    Congrats and welcome!

    The first 2-4 weeks were the WORST for me as far as feeling overwhelmed.  I felt like we needed to do everything immediately.  Don't worry, it gets better!  :o)

    As far as your colors go, I think I would need to see an example of the blueish purple to be able to give advice on a secondary color.  Silver or grey would like nice with either blue or purple though.  Pale yellow could like nice as well.
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  • Sounds like you're on track really.  We got engaged Feb 11, just 4 weeks ago and most of it was booked within 2 weeks.  We wanted a Saturday and essentially the next few Saturdays available among 3 reception venues we liked were Nov 17th/2012 or Jan 5 and 12/2013.  So the choice was obvious and I wanted a fall wedding.  Don't forget maybe a limo or other transportation (and you can totally negotiate those prices, we got 50% off), cake, decorator (unless she comes with the venue) and then I would jump on the wedding dress hunt if you have't already.  I was told when I was looking most dresses you should allocate 6 month to be safe for ordering. 

    We are doing chocolate brown with either champagneor gold  sashes and otherwise gold and red hints worked through (ie: flowers will be reds and golds) but we are not going fall oranges, yellow, pumpkins, etc.  Too late in the year. 
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    With an accent color like silver or gray, it is easy to put that anywhere! As far as orange I am not sure. The flowers would be nice for that pop of color, not sure where else you could put both blue/purple and orange. I would do the bouquets with a mix of blue, purple, and orange flowers. You don't want an all orange bouquet, I think it'll look nicer with a mix to tie in the bouquet with the color of the dresses. And then you can use gray/silver ribbon to tie the stems of the bouquets. Silver shoes instead of dyed blue to match the dress. And other gray/silver small accents all around the reception. Try doing two color table linens. Like a bluish table cover with gray napkins on top.

    Yellow might be good for flowers too. Yellow goes great with a blue/purple. Here is a pic of flowers from a wedding I was in in May, the yellow and blues look nice next to each other and there's some orange in there as well:

    Hope this helps you!
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    My cousin had blue bridesmaids dresses and her bouquet was bluish purple, as you put it.  Our flowers, we just had ivory gerber daisies.  She had some ivory roses in her bouqet.  It looked great, it worked.  We had silver shoes.  But nobody really notices that stuff, ivory would work for shoes in that color scheme too. 

    Not sure where to work orange in with blue-purple.  Then again, anything goes really nowadays.  But I'd lean towards ivory as an accent. 
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  • I am getting married on November 24th too.  My colors are Teal blue and Silver.  I got engaged 3 years ago so I thought I better hurry up before I get too comfortable not getting married.  Anyways I am stressed already.  My advice is take one day at a time you will be fine.  Aloha!
  • My wedding date is Nov. 25th, yay for Thanksgiving weekend weddings! haha I'm actually not even doing fall colors. I live in FL so it's not like we really even have fall weather here and I prefer soft pastel colors but didn't want to wait till the spring to get married just because of colors...I techinally don't even have colors, more of a style, our wedding "theme" is vintage shabby chic, so there will be all sorts of soft colors worked in everywhere and my bridesmaids will be wearing blush and champagne dresses. I agree about the first few weeks of the wedding planning process being quite stressful, picking the date was the hardest part for us, that and family drama.

    I love silver with blue/purple!
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  • I am also a November 24th bride and we are doing purple and silver with a bit of of luck..
  • Nov 24 is my wedding date too (was the 25, but FI didn't want it on Sunday, even though that is the date of our 14 year anniversary oh well).

    Anyway, I am also NO doing fall colors (where I live, we technically don't get fall anyway). My colors are dark blue (navy, sapphire, cobalt), white and silver.
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