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January 2013 Weddings

Bachelorette Party!! : D

I had my bachelorette party this past Sat night...we did them earlier since the Holidays are coming and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them!  : )
I am SOOO blessed!!!!!  My girls went ALL out for me.
First of all- they got us a Limo!!  I was SOOO surprised!!  Actually everything was a surprise that night (I only knew the date and time)...LOVE THAT!
The girls (most of my BP- some are in the South), 2 of my aunts and one close friend- so there were 9 of us total...all took me to a country club for a nice dinner.  They had a private room for me- ALL dec'd out!!  They did such a good job.  Serioulsy- they could have their own party business.  It looked AMAZING!  All hot pink, black and silver decorations.
Soo fun!
We played this hilarious board game called "Headbands"...we laughed the whole time.
Then the Limo took us through a local park where its all lit up with Christmas Lights..(you drive through it)..soo pretty!  We blasted Christmas Music as we sang and danced with champagne..hahah!!!
Next- we went to my cousins house and she had hired a HOME SPA party woman....we changed into comfy clothes and did a mud mask, foot and hand treatment!  : )  It was AWESOME!!!!!  the girls had snacks out and some drinks...(I'm not a drinker really tho)..but it was soooo fun and we laughed so hard all night.  DEF needed that girl time...
It had been awhile.

I'm SOO grateful for all that they did for me!  I feel so LOVED!
God is Faithful!

Re: Bachelorette Party!! : D

  • That sounds like a blast! how fun! Glad you had a good time.
  • That sounds like it was such a great time! 
  • That sounds like so much fun! I wanted mine to be a surprise too but I do know most of what we're doing because my MOH and I brainstormed together on how to make it unique. haha-- Mine won't be until January though. We're planning on going sledding, staying at a Hyatt, doubling it as my "Personal" shower, having Noodles & Company cater to the hotel room, and watching Magic Mike and Breakfast at Tiffany's with Wine & Champagne. CANT WAIT!! 
  • That sounds wonderful! Mine is this weekend. We are going to Frankenmuth, which is this German city in Michigan with crazy huge christmas stores, and lights, and famous chicken, lol. We are staying the night. I'm working double shifts so I can get the days off. I can't stop thinking about it...it's all thats getting me through the week!
  • Thanks Everyone!!  : D
    God is Faithful!
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