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December 2010 Weddings

Happy Friday! Any....

wedding goals this weekend?

I don't have a ton of time to work on things this weekend, but really looking forward to the official cake tasting and design on Sunday Morning. After that, I can print my menu cards which are already drafted. Finally, I might work on my table numbers since the gold frames came in this week.

What about you??! 

Re: Happy Friday! Any....

  • I have my dress alteration appointment tomorrow + picking tuxes for my guys. Stoked!
  • Tux-Redux after my FIASCO at Men's Warehouse.  I swear, we had the WORST associate helping us, who talked us into things.  Ivory shirts=dirty-looking shirts and by the transitive property=A BIG FAT NO!!

    I think we'll go to Jos. A. Bank to get his tuxedo and the ushers can get theirs from MW.

    Soooo, that's what I got cookin'.  Starting to wonder about my invitation mock-up, but I will patiently wait until Sept.  Don't want to rush them.

    Have to reserve the Santa throne, and yesterday I went over the music for the Liturgy for our wedding mass.  So cool.


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  • i have my first WEDDING SHOWER this weekend!! wa hoo!

    I'm hoping to get the final guest list all set to turn over to the invitation people too while i'm home with the family.

    Enjoy the weekend ladies!
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  • Shopping for his ring!  And searching for flights to go home for a shower and alterations sometime this October. (boo on that one, I hate searching for plane flights)

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  • Working on finding a good DJ in my parents' budget...found one we loved, before my parents would give us a budget. Well it turns out our DJ is overbudget. So I'll be interviewing DJs this weekend trying to find a cheaper DJ as good as the one we found already.

    I will also be picking up the invitation kits from my mom's house and get started on them. She has 3 kits at her house that she got on the JoAnn website, and I have one kit at home already that I have started on. We'll be putting together the ones I have this weekend!

    I also just bought my shoes and garter, and I made a purchasing plan to space out my purchases and still be sure I get everything in time. :)
  • Hopefully looking at tuxedos and maybe starting on table numbers.
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    I have my first fitting tomorrow!!  I'm so excited because even though I have my dress at my house I haven't actually tried it on yet because there are too many buttons, haha!  I also got my FI's ring in yesterday so he'll get to try it on this weekend and make sure it fits!  We bought it through an ebay seller so I was super nervous.  But I would definatly recommend them, http://djjewelry.com/ We got him a white gold comfort fit band for only $120 and they offer free engraving!  And my MOH is getting her dress tonight, so exciting!
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  • I also have my first fitting tomorrow yay!!

    I am setting my expectations low and only aiming to pick out my veil, if I get anything else done it will be an added bonus.

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  • I am SOOO happy it's Friday, as soon as Monday rolls around I'm ready for Friday again, haha!   Anyway I'm kind of excited to do some wedding stuff this weekend.  I feel it getting closer!  After work I'm going to buy ink for the printer so we can start doing invites.  Most likely I am paying off FI's ring to bring it home :) .  I am going to order our cake topper and table numbers too (really cheap on ebay!). 

    **Side note, the whole making the snowball things didn't work out :( :(  It didn't turn out how I wanted, and it's way too expensive.  The ones on ebay I found are only like $6!  I like them - I'll post a pic later probably.  YAY!
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  • We are putting together our invitations so we can double check our calligraphers work as well =) I don't know how I'll be able to resist sending them out =)
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  • I'm so happy it's Friday, and I'm loving my boss right now b/c he just said we can close next Friday and have a 4 day weekend. Yes!
    I'm finalizing the guest list and probably going to order the invitations soon. As soon as I get off work today I'm heading over to Jos. A Banks to check out a sale they are having on suits to see if it would work for our groomsmen.

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  • Tomorrow is my day with my undivided (hopefully) day with my FI to focus on the wedding.  Doing our registry in the morning, trying on tuxes and cake tasting!  Whew!  Hope all goes well.

    Best of luck everyone!
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  • FI and brother and I are going up to see FI's parents this weekend for a picnic at the local church, so we'll be getting names and addresses while we're up there =)
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  • Hmmm - I need to pick up my dress from alterations (Yeah - I forgot again!! LOL)

    2.Order a cake topper
    3. Book flights to another person's wedding
    4. Research honeymoon cruises & airfare to Rome (?)
    5. Something else I'm sure I'm forgetting....!

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  • Happy Friday!  We're going shopping for wedding bands tomorrow and to do the tux deal, so we can let all the groomsmen know :)
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  • FI just bought all the groomsmen outfits ($100 buys pants, shirt, & vest = score from Macys)

    As for me...
    • finishing invitations
    • sending them to a printer friend
    • printing some out myself
    • hounding the florists on my $ quote
    • selling my carrrr
    • adding things to our registry
    • getting the FI moved into our future place
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  • weekend wedding goals: set a meeting date with our venue owner to look at the space again & get these early invitations out tomorrow!

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