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Any Nurses out there

Hi everyone,
I just had a question to the nurses out there. I'm a nurse and trying to tone up for the wedding. How do you find the time at work to eat and drink enough to burn the calories? The second question is how do you motivate yourself to workout after a lllloooonnnnnggggg 12 hour shift
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Re: Any Nurses out there

  • Hello and welcome to the board. I am not a nurse, but I do believe calorie counting can be beneficial for anyone in their pursuit to lose weight and be healthy.

    There are many online sites that offer this tool -,, livestrong, myplate etc. That might be a good place to start.

    As for toning up - I'm guessing you're mostly on your feet all day and running around, but are there ever down times? You could do some basic exercises like lunges and squats, and if you brought hand weights to work you could work your upper body as well.

    To tone and not lose weight, you're probably going to want to focus more on weightlifting than on heavy cardio.
  • Hey! I am a full time RN and workout daily! I used to workout after a 12 hour shift and I just wasn't getting the most out of my workouts because I was tired and hungry....not a good combo! Now, I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to workout before work! This works out much better because I am focused and have more energy throughout the day. Does this help you? What kind of workouts are you doing?
  • hi! I am a nurse too, and find this a struggle as well. I just switched from night shift to day shift. On nights I was just so constantly tired I never wanted to work out. Now that I am on days I have so much more energy and workout early before my shift as well. As for staying hydrated I try to bring a water bottle that I fill up at the beginning of my shift and just make it a point to finish it by the end. Just making 30 seconds of time to get a drink makes a huge difference (although I was bad yesterday and went 8 hours before having a drink or a bite to eat!). It is hard in our line of work but just do e best you can!
  • On my 12 hr days I try to make it to a fun class like Zumba. Something I look forward to and enjoy. It definitely can be hard to work out after a long day.
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