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I'm hoping someone can help....I am planning a bridal shower for a friend in the Peoria area (and I'm not familar with it at all).  Can someone please suggest a few locations for me to look into (approx. 20 people attending). 

I don't have a huge budget I'm only 1 year out of grad school.  So, if there are any places without rental fees where I could bring in my own food it would be ideal.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Re: Peoria Area Bridal Shower

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    Hmm. I don't know about places where you can bring in your own food, but here are my suggestions.

    Kickapoo Creek Winery (about 10 min from Peoria). GORGEOUS vineyard, yummy yummy wine and food. Nice facility. The people there are wonderful to work with!

    One World--Downtown Peoria by Bradley University. It's got a really unique/arty vibe to it and they have a separate room upstairs for parties. The food is all homemade and amazing!!! They also have wonderful sangria :) This place is fairly budget-friendly.

    Another, possibly more expensive option is Johnny's Italian Steakhouse at Grand Prairie, an outdoor mall. They have wonderful Italian food, a beautiful restaurant with separate rooms, but it may run you a little bit more.

    If you have further questions, PM me. I live in Peoria!

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    Avanti's is super affordable and has lots of banquet space...not the best ambiance in the world but it has tasty italian food

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