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Is anyone else using this company and having any problems contacting them recently? Usually they are very quick to reply to me, but Ive sent 3 emails over the past 3 weeks and they havent replied to any of them even the one I sent asking was everything ok because I wasnt getting a reply.

Im from England so Id rather not call them as it costs a fortune but Im not sure what else to do. i know Ive got the email addresses correct as Im just replying to ones they have sent me!

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    Oh no, I'm sorry you are going through this!  It sounds like poor service to me.  As much as it would be expensive, I would suggest you call them - if anything just to ask them really fast to respond to your emails.  You are the client here, they should be responding to you ASAP. 
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    Yeah I agree. Its just very odd because they have been replying to me quickly for months and then suddenly stopped. I think Im gonna call them and just check there isnt a problem with the email for some reason because I shouldnt have to wait so long for a reply.

    Its also kind of a pain because Hawaii is 11 hours behind so I have to wait til its pretty late at night here to call!
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     Dear RSVPers, Please walk your lazy @sses to the mail box and send back the RSVP.  Don't waste my stamp!  Please don't add univited +1s, and don't send back "number attending 2.5."   WTF is that supposed to mean?  Please do all this in a timely manner so I can finalize the seating chart. Thanks, The Bride
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    Weird....is someone trying to tell you they're pregnant? 
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