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December 2010 Weddings

My turn to rant

This whole process has been so stressful, I would love to get a DOC, but can't justify the $$.
With that said, I need to let off some steam from my night last night.
So, me and FI work together.  Our CEO decided to throw Joe a Bachelor party last night, inviting all the men from work.  They all left work early at 4pm and headed out to a local bar/bowling/pool joint near Fenway.  I was told it was low-key and they would be coming home around 8pm, with our CIO driving Joe home.
First of, just because the CEO is male, then FI gets a night out with coworkers, but I don't get one with the female coworkers, that doesn't totally seem right.
But my main problem.....and let me just disclose, I am stressed and PMSing,
but I get a text message on my phone from the CEO which at first I take as Joe's ride is bringing him home.  CEO was staying at another coworker's house for the night, and they all would be allowed 1/2 days today (also not fair).
An hour later, wondering where Joe is.....I start to think, maybe the text message meant Joe wasn't coming home?
I try calling Joe, no answer......try texting back the CEO, no answer...
proceed to cry and get very pissed!  Not coming home is NOT cool, being told by a text message from someone else, definately NOT cool.
I understand the bachelor party is a special thing, and Joe is having one with his friends another time.  If something would have been said to me prior, I would have been OK with him crashing at our coworkers place.  But the way it was done, was, like I said, NOT coolSmile
And I can't say anyhting to the guys responsible, cause they are my bosses.  So I come into work today, super tired and eyes swollen from crying.
Feel better now and over the whole thing......but still not talking to Joe yet....just not wanting to deal with it at work...
Venting done, thanks!

Re: My turn to rant

  • Not cool at all. I would be flaming pissed!  And even more aggrivating that you can't go bridezilla on them because it's an employer. Ugh!  If someone else sent me a message that my FI wasn't coming home and then no one responded to me I would lose it too and then kill the FI.

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  • Girl, you have alot more patience than I do...

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  • Oh my, I would have been fuming too.  I cant believe you havent said anything to FI yet I know you are at work but ugh I would have laid into him haha.  Hope everything works out!

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  • Only cause I know with Joe, not talking to him bothers him more than me yelling :)

  • I'm guess I'm on the opposite side.  Bach parties=Free range (no adultery) for me.  He probably didn't come home because he got too drunk and was in no shape to come home.  Bach parties are the one last hurrah before the plunge and they can get pretty raunchy.  That's the definition of them.  I hope yours is/was as good as his!!! :)  Be secure in his love for you.  He gave you the ring!

    Having said that, yes, finding out via text blows, he should've called, but it's a good thing they let you know somehow.  Imagine if you didn't hear anything.  That would make you worried sick!

    What really, really blows is that you work together and you can't tell him how hurt you were/are until you get home.  Sorry :(

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  • Wow how frustrating.  It sounds like a very male-dominated work environment.  IMO, there should have never been a "boys only" work event.  Since you both work there, it should have been a Jack and Jill co-worker party and it should not have been on a weekday.  Friday happy hour would have been just fine.  I'm sorry your bosses are so unprofessional.  I would grill FI for the details and make sure he understands that type of behavior is not okay with you.
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  • Sheesh..what a terrible night to be put through. I am sorry you had to go through this..I would want to rip that CEO's face off and woudl have been pissed at FI too. He should have contacted you..At least it's over and now you can focus on moving foward towards the wedding. That's what my friends/mom told me after I had a small heart attack from my FI's bachelor weekend. It sort of helped...

  • That sucks. I would have been pretty upset too. My FI knows that if I can't reach him, I worry. So yea, my FI would have been in trouble too. lol
  • Oh Jeez!!  Talk about stress!  So sorry you had to go through all of that and now being at work is a source of distress for you. 
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  • Wow, that sucks. G has disappeared on me before with little notice, and he knows how frantic I get, so luckily he knows now to let me know, but I've been through the whole upset/worry/want to kick his nads thing.
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  • I'm so sorry you were put through this!

    I'd be feeling mad the your CEO, but try to not blast your FI if you can - when someone else plans you a party without you knowing all the details, you do kind of feel obliged to go along with whatever their plans are.  

    Yes, I get super anxious when I'm not sure where FI is too, and he's terrible at remembering to charge and get credit for his phone, so he's often out of contact!  I do find that infuriating!!

    Maybe talk to the other girls in your workplace and ask them if they'd like to do something similar too ;)  They're probably feeling the same way you are!!!

    I'd go to the CEO with something like 'it was so cool of you to organise that for Joe that the girls and I would like to do something similar'.

    Good luck!!! 
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