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ideas for a wedding shower

Ok, so this is my first post so hopefully it all makes sense! My aunt has graciously offered to host my wedding shower. Only one problem, she keeps asking what kind I want... And I didn't know there was different types. I kind of just wanna say "um, wedding kind?" So I am here looking for ideas. I just don't want anything to costly, because she already bought my dress and I don't want to make her pay out a ton.
Thanks in advance!

Re: ideas for a wedding shower

  • How sweet of your aunt to host a shower for you!  :)  I bet what she means by "what kind" is whether you had a theme in mind, like tea party or cocktails.

    If I were you, I'd just tell her something along the lines of, "Auntie, please don't worry about a theme or any elaborate plans.  I'll be happy with something simple.  What matters most to me is that my friends and family are there to celebrate."
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    She is probably wondering if you want a "kitchen" shower, "entertainment" shower, etc. One of my friends had a "cleaning" shower, and everyone brought her some kind of cleaning supply item. Kind of weird, I know, but she had 4 showers, and that was the one her church ladies threw her.  Or it could be the tea vs. cocktails.  If you are happy with just a non-specific theme, do as Brielle said. 
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  • I did a fun one a few years ago that was a "time of the day" shower, where the guests were assigned a time, and the gift was supposed to be an item you'd use at that time of the day.  For instance, 6 PM could be dishes, or utensils,  10 PM could be bedding or pillows, etc.  

    Otherwise, I agree with others that if you don't have a theme, just a plain ol' wedding shower is fine.
  • Thanks so much guys! I think we are going to make it a kitchen party and have all the ladies bring there favorite recipes... Since I can't cook anything! Lol.
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