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Gift from work, what to do?

Hey everyone,

I got a very generous gift today at work and the gift was signed "from staff". I know when my boss got married we were given the option to chip in for her gift, but the money wasn't really traceable back to a certain person. She sent out a thank you email to everyone.

So I got this gift and I don't know who pitched in or if it is from the company or what. So I wrote a thank you email to everyone. Should I write thank you cards to each person? Even though I don't know who contributed? Help!

Re: Gift from work, what to do?

  • I think a thank you email or a general thank you card from you put in a common area....
  • My work threw me a big shower the other day...I put a thank you card and an invitation to our ceremony on the board where everyone signs in...
    I knew that two people in particular planned it, so I gave them separate thank yous
  • I brought in donuts the next day and left it in the kitchen with a note saying "Thanks everyone!" 
  • I think a general thank you would be fine! If you know that someone organized it or put in a little more effort then I would send them a personal note or e-mail to thank them! We take turns throwing showers in my office, so usually most people chip in for the gift but two people always plan the showe/event!
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