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November 2011 Weddings

1 Year, 3 Months, 3 Weeks & 5 Days to go!

Hey ladies, Im an *11/11/11* bride and Im wondering how Im doing with the arrangements compared to other November brides.

This is what I have done:

-Church is booked
-Reception venue is booked
-Photographer is booked
-Videographer is booked
-Florist is chosen (my friend owns a shop)
-Rehearsal dinner venue chosen
-Bridal party chosen and commmitted
-Theme and colors chosen
-STD's designed
-Invitations designed
-Gifts for bridesmaids chosen
-DJ is booked
-Bakery for cake chosen
-Guest list & addresses finalized
-Must play and Do not play list organized
-Bridal shower guest list finalized

What havent I dont that I should have done by now? What have you ladies done?
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*Make A Wish*

Re: 1 Year, 3 Months, 3 Weeks & 5 Days to go!

  • Wow, you are so ahead of the game, lol. I'm also a 11/11/11 bride & I have only done the following:
    *  Contract for reception/ceremony place signed
    *  Wedding party confirmed
    *  Picked wedding song
    *  STD cards mailed this week
    *  Invitation list completed
    *  Seating chart completed
    *  DJ booked
    *  Guitarist booked
    *  Photographer booked
    *  Colors chosen
    *  Flowers chosen
    *  Paster booked
    *  Hotel selected (meeting with them in Oct)

    Still have to do the following:
    *  Pick out bridal dress
    *  Pick out bridesmaids dresses/tuxes
    *  Pick wedding invitation & mail
    *  Pick rehearsal restaurant
    *  Buy groomsman & bridesmaids gifts
    *  Buy parents gifts
    *  Create out-of-town bags
    *  Finalize luncheon day after wedding
    *  Decide between 2 places for our honeymoon
    *  Create playlist
    *  Pick songs to dance with Dad & FI's Mom
    *  Confirm with MOH that there will be a bagpiper
    *  Finalize with groom where he wants to get the cake from

  • My wedding song is picked too.

    All the other stuff you still need to complete I think we have a long time to do. I think most of that stuff you just have to wait until the right time to do, invites and such. =)
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    *Make A Wish*
  • Wow you ladies are ahead of the game! I am an 11/5/11 bride and have only picked the bridal party. The reception venue contract is being signed in a few weeks and I've gone to look at gowns once. I know what I want for all the other aspects just have not done them yet. STD magnets will be sent in Jan 2011. Good luck to all!

  • But, you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to look stunning and to generate admiring glances from all around. Wedding dresses are a matter of very personal choice and it is often the case that imagination can be a much greater asset than pure cash!

  • Wow!! You are waaayyyy ahead of me, but I'm trying to save some stuff to do, also.  I'm enjoying the planning and I don't want to have everything done at once.

    I have:
    -Booked the church and met with the officiant
    -Booked the reception venue
    -Booked the photographer
    -Booked the DJ/photobooth
    -Sent out STDs--we have A LOT of OOT guests and it's a hoiiday wknd., so we sent early.
    -Picked our theme
    -Choosen our WP
    -Tentatively chosen BM dresses

    I need to:
    -Choose a florist
    -Shop for BM dresses
    -Shop for my dress
    -OOT bags
    -Order candy for candy bar
    -Create guestbook pages to go with photobooth pics
    -Help M, FMIL, and FSMIL pick out their dresses
    -FInd accomodations
    -Choose a rehearsal dinner location
    -WP and parents' gifts
  • I, too, am a 11/11/11 bride.  I'm doing a DW and have lots of things booked:
    DW WC who will be doing coordinating the ceremony, reception, live music at ceremony, decorations, photography/videography.  Then we have our reception planned.  We have our honeymoon deposit made.  STD's bought.  Favors are being made for hour AHR.  We have our AHR site, caterer, photographer and decorator all booked. 

    Just need to get cake, DJ and all the minor details!

    Keep up the good work ladies!  Continued happy planning!
  • Holy cow, I feel like such a slacker now! The only thing I have done is tried on a few wedding dresses and looked at one venue..I haven't booked anything yet and I'm getting a little nervous! I hope to find my venue in the next month, and then everything else can fall into place after that. Although I'm sure 11/11/11 will be a VERY popular date so you are smart to book all the major things early!
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  • I'm getting married on 11/05/11 and so far all that we have done is the booking of the chapel and the venue. I guess we're really far behind everyone else..lol. We have to do everything as we can pay for it and so far all we can pay for is our deposit!
  • HaylaCHaylaC member
    Tenth Anniversary 100 Comments
    dont worry, i've not done half of that either. 

    We've booked and put deposit on our venue
    booked our registrar
    Know which photographer we want but have not officially booked them
    designed and order the STD's
    put deposit on linen hire company
    ordered some small pieces to be part of the centrepieces.

    so not a lot of big stuff done really, but in know in my mind what needs doing and i think im on top of it.
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  • awdammawdamm member
    wow! you ladies are hackin away at your "to do lists"

    we've got some things out of the way

    -booked/deposited ceremony/reception site
    -book and fully paid photographer
    -ordered my dress ( took a chance on a remake but have no problem sending it back and starting over from scratch i should have it in a few weeks )
    -decided on maid of honor and best man ( still need to confirm rest of bridal party )
    -scetched up some different table scapes/ center peice ideas
    -designed save the dates
    -basically picked the rest of the stationary ( invitations, rsvp... )
    -decided on escort cards in silver frames
    -picked grooms/ groomsman attire ( all BLACK everything ) w/ chucks

    we're in the process of interviewing Dj/lighting technicians and wedding officants

    Since we're doing a very NON-traditional ROCK STAR PARTY wedding... we just need to watch our budget and keep saving. 

    We're footin the entire bill for this day so.. we really need to make sure we get what we want but within a decent price point. 

    GOOD LUCK TO all the 11/11 brides!!!! and grooms!  
  • Wow Everyone is so far along....
    So far we have the venue bookes, the ceremony and reception are at the same place, and we have the bridal party set....
    I do have appointments to meet with an Officiant and Photographers during the month of August... but thats it!!!
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  • ok now i feel so behind! lol i ordered my dress last week. but i will be meeting next weekend with the venue which has the baker for the cake, and the ceremony on site. i also purchased the invitations. But I have everything planned on paper, just have to make the time to actually meet up with the vendors and book them! oh boy better get on it!!!  Wink
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  • I feel like such a huge slacker.
    I have found the dress. THAT'S ALL.

    I have been looking for a venue and a photographer. I don't even feel like I can worry about the other vendors until I have that taken care of.

    I am hoping that I will have the venues chosen by mid-August. Then I can start with every thing else.  
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