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Look at what I bought!

I've been looking for a nice winter jacket forever and I finally found one at a reasonable price at the Gap - it was $128 but all of their outer wear is 50% off so it only cost me $65. Oh and the best thing about this jacket it's NOT WOOL!!! 

And DH and I bought a new fridge this past weekend and we got a killer deal on it - regularly $2198 and we got it for $1398 plus an extra 10% off of that since it was the last one and they sold us the floor model

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Re: Look at what I bought!

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    yay! i love bargain shopping!
  • rickylee244rickylee244 member
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    LOVE the fridge! So jealous, those bottom freezers have so much room!
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  • PandaBurrPandaBurr member
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    Oh that coat is awesome! I've been looking for a new coat, but I just can't seem to find one that I love. Not being wool sounds niiiccee.

    Also. I wish I had your fridge.
  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    Nice coat!!

    I am also very jealous of your fridge! I <3<3<3 bottom freezer drawers! (I now feel like an over zealous housewife....)

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    Super jealous of your fridge!
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    Would it be ok if I steal your fridge??? ;)

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    Score!  I may do some Cyber Monday-ing today but we're almost done with shopping already this year.  Except for FI.  I have some ideas but he's so hard to buy for as he wants gadgets but he knows more about them than I do!
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