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Colors...where to draw the line

I have always dreamt of having a blue wedding.  However the more and more I think about it I have  afew other colors that I want to include too.  The focus would mainly be on a light blue, cornflower or periwinkle, and the others would be used for little accents here and there.  The colors that I want to use are as follows:

White (obviously for my gown, linens, etc,)
Light Blue (bridemaids dresses, floral arrangements, stationary)
Navy Blue (accent color, possible tux color)
Khaki (possible tux color, small accents)
MAYBE a Pale Yellow (small accents)
MAYBE Cholocalte Brown (small accents)

I am not trying to use all of these colors but just trying to find a combo that will not be too overwhelming or busy.  Is this too much?  Or does it work because a lot of them are neutral\earth tones?


Re: Colors...where to draw the line

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    I liked the light blue, navy, and pale yellow idea - simple but has color but not overly in my opinion. It actually has two votes because it's my and my fi's vote. Hope it helps. Happy planning! :)

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  • staceyheerenstaceyheeren member
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    would you still like it if we went with the khaki tuxes? (like a lt blue, khaki and yellow?)  We are looking at a summer wedding, so I am thinking the lighter colored tux/suit will be less of a sauna for my fiance and all the men involved...
  • jazzybaccjazzybacc member
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    I'm a state fan so anything with blue and yellow gives me a bad feeling... ;-)
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    I dunno? For the sauna problem, it would depend on if it's outside or inside, air conditioned, etc... My uncle just got married and they just had black pants, white shirts, and black ties. The guys didn't seem to complain too much... But idk for sure. Sorry.

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  • akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    You can definitely make it work with whatever colors and accents you want. Just make sure there's a "main" theme color and then accent as you want. I incorporated 4 colors - mainly light green with sunflower yellow accents, but included bright reds and oranges in smaller doses.
  • LAC203LAC203 member
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    For nontraditional (or even traditional) multi-color combos, check out http://www.colourlovers.com/

    I admit to being a little obsessed with this site. I'm hardly a graphic design expert, but I'm also challenged when it comes to color-coordination, so I love to just browse and see all the different combinations. You can search by color, too.

    Good luck!
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