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October 2011 Weddings

NWR: RIP, diet...

Well ladies, I have a confession. You ever just have one of those weeks? I ate dessert (and very generous helpings of it) every night this week. Even if I wasn't even hungry. And of course tonight is Halloween so I topped the week off with candy. Blarg.

Here's to a better week coming up...dessert free! (I hope! I don't have a sweet tooth ladies...try sweet TEETH.)

Re: NWR: RIP, diet...

  • I feel your pain. My boss tried to buy me back into her good graces with donuts and cider Friday, then showed up at work on Saturday with more donuts.
    But tomorrow I'm getting back on track. No more donuts!
  • Oh god...I've had cupcakes, candy....all kinds of things this week.  Holidays are the worst...or the best.  Whichever you want to say.
  • I hear ya! The next two months are going to be horrible diet wise!!!
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  • ...What does this word 'diet' mean?
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  • I hate the word diet!

    It is such a dirty dirty word.  Can I rant about "diet".  I'd like to lose 100 pounds before the big day.  Yes, that is a lot, but it is totally doable.  I have lost 20 pounds since august by eating healthy.  hear that EATING HEALTHY. So here is my rant- I work in an office setting where a girl CONSTANTLY brings in cupcakes.  So I have my willpower.  I can say no.  I have said no. 

    I do not go around and advertise that I am on a DIET.  I am not on a diet, I am eating healthy, and taking really good care of myself.

    So this same coworker, explains to EVERYONE that I am on a wedding diet!  It is soo annoying!  How do I politely say, "thank you for the concern to tell everyone I am on a diet, however I would like to keep my weight loss endeavors to myself". 

    I agree, support and people knowing is a support system.  However, every day I eat a salad for lunch with super healthy dressing.  One day I was freezing cold, and decided to buy a baked potato with a little sour cream and lots of salsa.  So then I get looks, like OMG she is eating FOOD!  Someone even felt it necessary to tell me that sour cream is bad for me.  I wanted to scream, no depriving yourself of everything leads to failure, today I wanted sourcream, it was worth the 80 calories to me.

    So my question, how do i politely tell his skinny chick to mind her own business???
  • halloween candy = the death of me

    ...hopefully ill be back in the gym asap.
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  • Glad I'm not alone!

    Once I start, it's just so hard to stop! hahaha. Especially when things are stressful (like they are right now.) I'm gonna limit myself to one dessert night a week. I'd sooo much rather curl up on the couch with some chocolate than work out to relieve stress. But, then again, once I actually get my butt in gear and start working out again, I like how I feel enough to keep going. The hardest part is going back!!
  • I absolutely love chocolate, Halloween ruined my eating healthy plan for a couple of days. I never really gave up chocolate lol.
    To help my cravings I buy Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches and those Weight Watchers mini cakes.

    Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches are so thick and creamy (ha, sounds so wrong lol) but it's only like 140 calories, total of 2g fat, total of 30g carbs and total 3g fiber. They're a nice size too. Not something small that will just tease that sweet tooth.

    The weight watchers double fudge cake is 170 calories, 4g fat, 31g carbs, 3g fiber.

    Both so good in a healthy way lol Smile

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