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I hired a lady to make my wedding cake and she asked me if I wanted it with fondont and I said no. What is it and should I have said yes?

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  • DanielleZZDanielleZZ member
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    It is a layer (i'm not sure exactly what it is made of but it is edible, doesn't taste great though) that goes on the cake after the icing.  It is used to make the cake look extremely smooth.  It tends to cost a lot more.  It is not necessary but you may want to look at pictures of cakes with and with out it because they do look quite different.  I am not having it on my cake.
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  • hz80408hz80408 member
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    It's a type of frosting.

    Typically the common options are fondant, buttercream, cream cheese, etc.

    Fondant is more expensive, lays extremely smooth but has a gummy kind of texture to it.

    It's really a matter of preference and budget on if you should have it or not.  If you're budget allows it, I'd ask to sample both her fondant and her buttercream and decide from there.
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    It really depends on the overall look you are going for on your wedding cake. I opted against it on our cake because we are getting a hexagon shaped cake and want really clean lines, so our baker advised us to get buttercream for this purpose. 

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    Thanks for all the great advice.
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    Fondant doesn't taste very nice either (unless it's flavoured but most of the time it isn't) and most people end up peeling it off rather than eating it.
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  • tldhtldh member
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    Our wedding cake was buttercream.  The cake my FIL got for our California reception had fondant.  DH tasted it to see why I had insisted on buttercream and the man who will eat anything no mattter how bad it tastes actually screwed up his face as said that it was absolutely awful.
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    there are a bunch of different kinds of fondant that can be used for a cake before you cross fondant off your cake you should consider when and where your wedding is taking place. besides a cleaner look fondant does more then just look pretty. if your having your wedding in the summer outside id recommend having fondant on the cake since a buttercream frosted cake needs to stay cold or the frosting will melt! or if you are going to have your cake displayed for a while before serving fondant is a better idea. as for a the flavor of fondant it isnt always the best tasting but most bakers can flavor it and it actually doesnt taste bad! there are three different fondant bases i know of, one wiht marshmallow base, one with sugar, and one with chocolate all have different textures and tastes. another option if you do want it is that some venders (your caterer) will remove fondant before serving if you desiree, 
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    Fondant is essentially a malleable sugar paste. I've yet to meet one I like (marshmallow, chocolate or otherwise) taste wise, but they're great if appearance is more important that taste to you.
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    You aren't actually supposed to eat fondant. It's edible, but you are supposed to peel it back.  The cake is usually made with a thinner layer of buttercream on the inside, so you don't lose the flavor, but you get a nicer look on the outside.  If you are getting married in an area that is warm, fondant will keep the cake from sagging.  It also is good for getting a smooth look as PP said. 
  • KaitlinRichKaitlinRich member
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    The upside to fondant is that it can be molded into nearly any shape and also gives an smooth, clean, and finished look to your cake.

    Unfortunately, the down side it that it tastes horrible and can be quite costly. If the decorator is proficient in cake decorating they will be able to smooth the buttercream icing just as smooth and it will taste a hundred times better!

    Sometimes it can be a toss up but I personally think you made a good choice!
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    I think I'm the only person on earth who likes it.

    Definitely taste both and see for yourself.

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