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correct wording?

Ok, some background on the situation: Mom and Dad are divorced, mom is remarried and my father hates him. On the invites, my dad would be pissed if there was anything referring to stepdad’s name. In terms of phrasing, my mother does not want to be called Mrs Susannah last name, saying that her name should appear as Mrs. Christopher Last name, saying using her name makes her appear to be divorced from her current husband. But my dad won’t allow the name Chris to appear anywhere. He also wants the glory of having his name appear on the invite. I attempt to use the together with their parents, and then have him hosting the reception, but that didn’t fly with him or my FI.    So, which is correct or what do you suggest I do?
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Re: correct wording?

  • Could you maybe take out the formal titles? So it would just be:
    Sussanah Hernewlastname
    John Hislastname
    request the honour of your presence...

    It's not as formal, but if it would get you around this nasty situation, it's a sacrifice I'd be willing to make. That way Chris isn't on there, but Chris' last name is still with your mom's name.

    I'm sorry-- it sounds like your parents are both making it really hard on you and really, being pretty immature about it. Good luck.
  • I am in a similar situation. My mom is remarried and dad and step-dad do not like each other. I am doing
    Mrs. Mom Lastname
    Mr. Dad Lastname

    I don't think my mom will have a problem with it and everyone knows they are not divorced. After opinions are given, you and FI have final decision. You can't make everyone happy :(
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