Any future or former Branford House brides?

I just started calling around for DJ quotes and most are asking me if they will need a separate system for an outdoor ceremony and indoor dancing. Isn't that something they should tell me?
If you had or are having a wedding at the Branford House, may I pick your brain? I am starting to stress!


Re: Any future or former Branford House brides?

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    There is a bride that was on here awhile ago Jacky that got married there. I can try to contact her for you and get that info. Or you can try paging her... but I dont think she comes on here anymore

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    ... I never got married there or know of anyone who married there, but I wanted to say that I took a couple of classes at the UCONN Avery Point campus. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL there. I used to sit around the porch and eat lunch looking out into the ocean some school days. I can't wait to see pictures!!
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    I think the answer is yes.  They'll at least need a separate set of speakers, I'd say. 

    Mike Connolly (who I used for my wedding) has a lot of experience working at the Branford House.  I think this is one of those venues where, if possible, you'll want a DJ who has done a wedding there before,  because it does have some challenges in terms of power, set up, acoustics, etc, since it's not your typical banquet hall.  I'm sure there are other DJs who do events there all the time, I just mention Mike because I was really happy with him.
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    I am a future Branford House Bride!  We haven't gotten to choosing a DJ yet, but as pp said I believe that you would need a separate set. 
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    I just got married there in July... what was it you were wondering?  I hired a DJ that had wireless speakers so there was speakers in each room and outside as well.  He had a separate system for the ceremony as well.  Let me know if you want their info, or have any more questions.  :)  feel free to email me at [email protected] if you need any other tips. 
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