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Some Pro pictures!

Check out my photog's website. At the end of my photos, there's a slideshow that shows a lot more of her favorites. I'm really happy with them! There will be more when she's finished in the next couple of days.


Re: Some Pro pictures!

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    Oh my goodness they are AMAZING!! I love the red and purple together so elegant and romantic and your boquet was gorgeous! Looks like you both were sooo happy, hope it was a day to remember! :) Hugs!
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    Those turned out beautiful!  And the aisle carpet/runner in the church did work perfectly with your colors!  Thank you for sharing those!
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    Wonderful pic!
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    I love the bridesmaids looks as well! And the flower girl's pomador is adorable.  Looks like your DH had just as much fun taking pictures as u. My fav shot is the two of u sitting down in the church aisle. Congrats!
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    That is one of my favorite pics so far too Kahalagurl!

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    love the pics! you both looked amazing!
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    I love them!  I forgot you got the scarves for everyone, they looked great.  I also really like the one where you're sitting on the floor in the church, as well as the one where you're about to throw the bouquet, and the one where your bouquet is sitting by the wheel of his truck, lol.  Oh, and the ones where you're walking in the street!  Ok, I like them all.
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    I love all of the pictures - but the picture of you right before the boquet toss is gorgeous!  you were such a beautiful bride!
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    Beautiful! My face hurts from smiling through the whole thing! :)
  • alyssa324alyssa324 member
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    wow. your guys look so happy :) What a gorgeous wedding. I also love the pic of you sitting on the floor :) Congrats!!
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    Beautiful!  I love your colors together.  It looked like an amazing fun day.  My favorite pic is of the 2 of you in the street and he has his leg kicked out.  You both look so happy and like you're having fun. :)
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    Those are b-e-a-utiful!  Everything looks amazing!!!  Congrats! :)
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  • jennuinnejennuinne member
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    Great pics.  
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