White formal dress, not for bride (semi-WR)

Hello ladies! This is NWR but could be wedding dress related, so....

My sister is graduating high school this year, and instead of caps and gowns, the girls wear white formal dresses and the guys wear tuxedos. So do you have any recommendations for inexpensive (hopefully under $100, but a little over is do-able) white formal dresses? They CAN be wedding dresses, as long as they don't really look like wedding dresses. (But as we all know, the "W" word can drastically increase price.)

We tried on the plain white dress at Davids, which looked gorgeous on her. We might also stop by the resale shopping in Silverton. But any ideas would be very appreciated. 

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Re: White formal dress, not for bride (semi-WR)

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    I know there are a ton of dresses out right now for Prom and I'm sure you could find a plain white one. Or you could look at bridesmaids dresses in white. I ordered my bridesmaids dresses from Pearls Place (pearlsplace.com) and they were $90 less than any store in Cincy! And it was the same exact designer dress...it even had the designer tags on it.

    Good luck!
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    Check out department stores.  If you look online, most of them will narrow down your search by color.  Nordstrom, Macys and Dillards all have a good selection (at least online). 

    Also, lots of bridesmaid dresses come in white.
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