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good morning ladies!

how are yall doing?

its the Monday before Christmas. who has off already? when does everybody have vacation.

I don't have any till around the new year.
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Re: good morning ladies!

  • Good morning! I'm around a little today. H and I had a really productive weekend. We finished all of our Christmas shopping on Friday, wrapped everything, baked cookies, and got 95% done on cards on Saturday, and spent the afternoon with my parents yesterday. Whew! It was a busy weekend, but lots of fun.

    In answer to your question, I'm at work until Thursday afternoon and then back for next Tuesday-Thursday. I think it should be pretty quiet here though, especially starting Thursday morning. All of my bosses are out that day. I should be busy on TK!
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    I'm at work but my boss is away.  HOOOOOOOOOOORAY!  I can think and actually get my experiments done.  This is my most favorite time to work: right before the holidays.  Everything is relaxed, happy, and full of fun anticipation.

    I've been reading a ton of other boards recently.  I wish some did FFF.  There is a girl roaming the Baby Names boards that makes me want to rip my eyes out.

    I also had a seriously productive weekend: blog posts, paper writing, paper editing, and I went to my old lab's Christmas party last night.  It was nice to see them.
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    Good Morning!

    We have a half day on Friday with a Christmas dinner and Monday off.  And we have Monday off for New Years.

    I'm doing fine.  At work, my bosses gave me something that is due on Wednesday to the client but they haven't finish checking the drawing so I can know what to change.  So now they are scrambling.  I hope they get it together.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do with Mr. Tibbs.  Saturday, he tried to attack me and Sunday he climbed on Brian and pooped on him.  I think we made him mad with trying to feed him apples :-P

    Oh and this weekend, my ILs brought us a desktop Computer as an early Christmas present!  It's pretty awesome :-)
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  • Good morning, I may have next week off but I am not sure, I know 3 of my kids won't be here but I am not sure about one of the kids. Her mom is having a baby on Thursday and they talked about keeping her home for a week. It would be nice to have a week off!!

    I am going to finish up my christmas shopping tonight if it kills me. I don't want to be doing any shopping later on in the week.
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  • Good morning!

    I'm here this week. I have Monday off, though. I think I'm going to love traffic this week since it was so nice this morning.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do about my parents. I got my mom a purse in Nassau and I got my step-dad the Hess truck and a shirt in St. Maarten. H has suggested to meet our budget, we could get them a gift card to a nice restaurant here, but my only issue is, the purse I got my mom wasn't on her Christmas list. I don't want her only gift to be the purse and then the shared gift card. I like the idea, but I would just feel bad. I found these pretty earrings on Amazon that would neet budget, but then I would have to get my step-dad something else. So I don't know what to do. Now if I go to Amazon and the earrings are no longer 65% off, I might be forced to get the gift card. What would you do?
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  • Morning! No more wonky Knot? I'm working this week, may take Friday off.  Then I'm off 26th-2nd, back to work on the 3rd. Vegassssss is a week from tmrw!

    Have a good day everyone!
  • Morning!  Our office is closed on Friday and next Monday since Christmas falls on a weekend (same goes for New Year's).  Additionally, I am taking Thursday off.  So a 3 day work week for me.  Yay!
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    [QUOTE]Kris- I would check to see if the earrings could get here in time first! The stuff I wanted to order wouldn't get here fast enough, so I couldn't do what I wanted for H.
    Posted by Beaniebeach[/QUOTE]

    It would be 2 day shipping, but even if they don't get here in time, I could still print out the page from Amazon and wrap that.

    I want to do both earrings and a gift card, but that would go way over budget. :(
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  • Morning... I'm absolutely dead this morning. We moved 97% of our things this weekend, leaving only the large items for the movers today. It was an exhausting weekend for sure!! Tonight we'll be all moved, and tomorrow after work I'm heading to the apartment to clean and hand in the keys. Thank goodness this is almost over!

    In the midst of everything, DH and I exchanged gifts! He got me that monogram necklace I've wanted and it's GORGEOUS! And I got him a Nixon watch he's had his eye on for a while. It was nice :)

    Hope everyone has a good day!

    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_may-2011-weddings_good-morning-ladies-4?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:645Discussion:7be281eb-59e6-45ea-9867-4102c1ca4ccePost:6483efff-ce28-4794-a848-53ecd0a92b02">Re: good morning ladies!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Morning!  Our office is closed on Friday and next Monday since Christmas falls on a weekend (same goes for New Year's).  Additionally, I am taking Thursday off.  So a 3 day work week for me.  Yay!
    Posted by rschuckman[/QUOTE]

    Me too!! :) Then three days next week, and I'm done here for 6 months to student teach!! woohoo!


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  • hi hi

    I really hope this week slows down at work due to everyone being off for the holiday! I technically only have next Monday off but H has this Friday off so i am going to "work from home" hahaha

    Aimers i am super jealous of your Vegas trip! I have been craving a fun weekend in Vegas........TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES & have fun!!!!!!

  • Morning! After having 5 days off being back at work is no fun. But I was super productive with my time off. I baked 800ish cookies. They all turned out great. Yum! We had lunch with my great aunts and finished our christmas shopping and I made the menu up for Christmas dinner. YEAH!!! I have to do to Wegmans tonight to by all the food and than go to the Wegmans closer to our house to order my dads and my birthday cake. Hopefully tonight I get the wrapping finished up and the christmas table set up and decorated.

    I work 4 days this week amd 1 day next week. I am not sure of we have off Jan. 2. I need to figure that out. Have a great day ladies!
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    [QUOTE]Hummm...When is her birthday/anniversary? Maybe save one for that? I'm like the worlds worst gift giver so...I'm no help. You guys should be glad I don't do any of the Secret gift exchanges.  You'd end up with a tootsie roll and a calendar.
    Posted by Beaniebeach[/QUOTE]

    Birthday is November and anniversary is April. When we first told them we were pregnant, we told them we were working on their anniversary gift so maybe we could get the gift card for ourselves and they can babysit their anniversary gift. :)
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  • Hi everyone! Today is my first "real" day back (I worked yesterday but I was the only one here so I didn't have to interact with anyone). I was really nervous and even cried a little this morning but it's been okay. A couple people asked how I was doing but other than that, no one has really brought it up. I found a card signed by all my co-workers on my desk when I got in this morning with a restaurant gift certificate, which was very sweet of them.
    I just have to make it til Thursday and then I'll be off for 5 days for the holiday.
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  • Good morning!

    I had a doctor's appointment early this morning and I just got back so I'm enjoying a big cup of coffee and relaxing before I actually have to start my experiments.

    I get this Friday and next Monday off, although I still have to stop in to feed the fish.  that only takes twenty minutes though so it's not really a big deal.  Also, since all of the PI's took the entire week off this week, I get to work on my own schedule.  I'm the only one on the entire floor.  Hello, early off all week!
  • Morning!
    I slept until like 10:30 and it was amazingggggg.
    I work at 4:30 today .. we have extended hours all week because of Christmas. blagh. I work everyday except Wednesday .. though I do have Christmas Eve off, but only because I told my manager if she scheduled me I wouldn't come in anyhow.

    I'm worried that our wedding prints aren't going to get here in time .. we're giving them to everyone as Christams gifts and if they don't come in the next few days we're screwed. 
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  • Hello!

    I'm off today.  We're going to my ILs' today to see Archie.

    My time off for Christmas is Christmas day.  I was supposed to have the day after off as well, but since one of my girls decided she was just going to stop coming to work, I have to work then too to cover her shifts.

    I really wish they would hire people who aren't going to flake out on me Undecided

    I also wish I could fast forward to March and I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore.
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  • Good Morning.

    I am sick and was sick yesterday. Just a general feeling like crap and my face is swollen. So weird I look like the marshmallow man.

    I still need to do a bunch of wrapping. But everything has been bought for a while now. Although I may go out and buy some more later this week just to top it off. Most of the presents were all bought before thanksgiving. Awesomeness.

    Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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  • Good morning!

    I am working from home today, and H and I went to see a CPA about our taxes for the year.  That was an interesting conversation.

    We had our Christmas last night, since we leave early tomorrow to see family.  DH got me a digital picture frame engraved with "D & J's many adventures" (except our full names), it was so sweet!  He said he wanted us to have a way to see and share pictures from all the things we do, since we don't really have photo albums (except the wedding which I still need to order!)  He also got me a 4 hand massage - 2 people working on me at once, it is going to be heaven.

    We had a productive but busy weekend, I can't believe we leave tomorrow already, I can't wait!
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