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Who side are you on!?

Ooh ladies!  I have only 8 days to go and Im getting ready to pull ALL of my hair out!
Our venue is pretty much a one stop shop.  It calls itself a golf and conference center and it's huge and gorgeous.  Our coordinator sent us a diagram of our final set up of our reception room.  I absolutely HATE IT!!!  It's all small and cramped with this itty bitty dance floor (my mother is queen of the slides!) and what I hate the most was that the head table is going down the middle of the room, vertically with WP sitting on both sides of the table.  So basically my guests get to look at either the back of my head or the back of a BP member head!  So we are currently going back and forth with coordinator because she is acting like its such a big inconvienience to to push them dang tables on up against the wall and line them up... the right way.  The last super style.  I think FI thinks I'm trippin'.  I don't think that he likes the fact that I sicked my mom on them (they didn't like it either) but I don't care!  Mom gets the job done! Lol!  And then he's got this stupid damn draft playing on the tv... who's team are on!?

I don't need this today!!

Re: Who side are you on!?

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    Repeat after me. Woosah.  Now take a few deep breaths.  Everything will be just as you envisioned.  Momma is on it and everything will be perfect for her baby.

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    Your coordinator better line them up the way you want them...When it's her wedding and she's paying HER money then she can put the tables and chairs how she wants...but right now it YOUR money! I would have got my mom on them too!!
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