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April 2010 Weddings

Hi married ladies!!!

Well after all the hustle and bustle I'm finally back!  :)  I missed everyone and hope you all had fantastic honeymoons and if you are still on your honeymoon I hope you're having fun and have a safe trip home!

Good luck to the April 30 brides too!!  :)  Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

I managed to jump on for a minute or two while on the honeymoon (thank goodness for the netbook we bought!) and was able to look at a few people's pictures on Facebook but I haven't had a lot of time on here lately to catch up on photos and reviews yet.  The day before we came home from Vegas we woke up to some bad news that Mike's uncle had passed.  We got home late Friday night then spent our "relaxing recovery weekend" with my in laws at the funeral home and we buried him on Monday.  That evening we got home to find our computer had a virus -a bad one.  Our friend is fixing it and we have the netbook hooked up to the monitor but TK only comes up with half a screen and I can't see the posts.  I came back to work on Tuesday and am now slowly getting back into my routine. 

I hope everyone enjoyed every moment of their day and I will start checking out pictures!!!!

Re: Hi married ladies!!!

  • Hi! So sorry to hear of the passing in your family...it's never a good time to learn that a loved one is no longer with us, but I can only imagine having that extra sadness during your wedding time may have been a little stressful for both of you. I hope that your wedding was all that you wanted it to be, and I look forward to seeing your pics...

    ...and I wish I had a netbook of our HM...our resort did not have free wi-fi, and DH said that watching me w/o my internet connection was like watching someone go through rehab...lol...
    April 24, 2010
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  • Hello MRS! So Sorry to hear about Mike's Uncle, how sad :(  It's been a bit slow here, but now that I am back I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures and hear all of the stories!
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
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