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Started Exercising Yesterday!

My FI and I started exercising yesterday! :) M,W,F and sometimes Saturday, we're going to use our apartment work-out room to exercise for 30 minutes. We have about 9 months till the wedding, so we should be in shape by then. I started blogging about it, so maybe I can help inspire others and motivate them...

also, if anyone wants an accountabili-buddy, you can let me know & we can e-mail private notes of motivation & inspiration! Laughing

Re: Started Exercising Yesterday!

  • Youre really making your rounds on all the boards on the knot huh? Great...
  • Good for you... whatever keeps you going girl! I think a workout journal is a great way to keep track of your progress... especially on those days when you hit that brick wall and think, what am I doing?! it's nice to look back and go, ahhhhh now I remember ;)
  • LOL Nebb -- yes she certainly is!! Her bio changed though, before it told her engagement story of how she told her mom the big news via text message....hilaaaariiiiooouss
  • Yeah, pair the backstory with all of the inane posts on WP and I really cant take this girl seriously. Sorry!!
  • I can tell this blog is going to be super inspiring she worked out for 20 minutes today & doesn't own a scale! 
  • Brie on P&E has a fitness blog, now THAT is inspiring. Ill read that instead.
  • I looked at your blog page.... make sure you're balancing calories in and calories burned (which means figuring out how to determine your calories burned and tracking what you eat to make sure it's enough). I hope you're just trying to get healthy... not trying to lose weight since you're almost below the healthy BMI range (below 18.5 is underweight)... which means you need to get a scale and make sure you're not dropping weight. If you're looking to tone, maybe think about a weight routine.

    And, FYI, it's a little creepy weird to have your cup size listed on your blog.... just saying...
    imageLilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • Wow, I didn't even read down that far Vita! Depending on her height 106 may be underweight & at the very least at the low end of normal. I dunno why you need an inspirational weight loss blog when you are already a "normal" weight. 

    Nebb -- what is the link to Brie's blog?
  • As i remember she lost 50lbs+ in the past year or so, and has started running races and hopes to do a half marathon soon.
  • Yeah I'm not trying to lose weight, just start some cardio. My FI wants to get back in shape, so we're working together. The blog will get better tho.
    It was actually 30 minutes, not 20. it was 20 + 10 cooldown.
    I know I'm underweight, I always have been, which is why I'm increasing my calorie count too. :)
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa...

    I thought you were OVERweight... not UNDERweight... I'm not saying you HAVE to be overweight to get sympathy/help/whatever (I'm not overweight, just into maintenance), but you're trying to "get in shape"... are you kidding me?

    If you're trying to "get in shape" you're doing it wrong. You don't need to do anymore cardio since you're already too skinny. If you want to gain muscles, then you don't need to just increase your caloric intake, you need to lift weights and increase your protein intake.

    I don't mean to be rude, I'm just saying... your word is worth a grain of salt here. You don't know what you're doing, and honestly, you're in no position to give advice or "inspiration" to others about "getting in shape". But, it's the internet, afterall... anyone can post anything they like, for better or worse.

  • But atleast she has a TWITSTAMP in her sig. It just keeps getting better and better.
  • thanks you all for being so supportive.

    and actually, i've talked with a personal trainer & my doctor, and i'm doing everything i've been told to do.

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