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May 2010 Weddings

We have three Days til.....

we can finally say, We get MARRIED this YEAR! Sorry I'm just a little excited and can't wait for May to get here.

Anyone else getting more frequent wedding nightmares?
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Re: We have three Days til.....

  • I have been lucky not to have wedding nightmares just yet.  But I am excited to say we're getting married 'this year' or in a couple months or in a few weeks!
  • Hallelujah!!!! No more "next spring" or "next year" or "next May" it's THIS spring, THIS year, THIS May!! Eeee!! I'm so stinking excited I can't stand it. I haven't had any wedding nightmares recently, but I am starting to hit panick mode about getting everything paid for on the timeline I set for us. Oh, and my wedding brain has kicked it into high gear yet again and I can't seem to turn it off. Let's hope I can keep it under control for the next 4 1/2 months :)
  • Arghh, half of me feels excited and the other overwhelmed! So much remains to be done! The wedding nighmares have gone (for now) but I had some bad ones close to the beginning of my planning!
    Congrats ladies!
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    I am so excited.  I've been waiting for the New Year all along since my sister is getting married NYE.  After that all the focus will be on me!
  • I had a nightmare two nights ago (vendors weren't showing up). FI had his first a few weeks ago... people who weren't invited were there!

    Can't believe it's almost 2010! 2009 flew by!
  • I'm so excited its not funny! I can't believe its almost here! I can't wait! No nightmares lately though thank goodness!
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  • Yay!!! I've been kind of slacking on the planning this month, so once January comes, it will be time to order BM dresses, tuxes, do our tasting, plan our ceremony, and a bunch of other things. Wedding planning overdrive!

    And most of my wedding nightmares revolve around not having enough time to get ready so I end up walking down the aisle with dirty hair and no makeup :(
  • I'm soooooo excited I can hardly stand myself.  However, I feel like the clock is ticking at rapid pace and I'm running out of time.  FI has finally kicked into full wedding mode too.  My girls are talking about pre-wedding parties and my head is just spinning.  I cannot wait for the day to come.  This Friday will be four months for me.  HOLY COW!!
  • FI said to me last night on the way home we get to say we are getting married this year in just a few short days! I am so excited!!!
  • I am so exicted.  I wanted to go to a bar for news years eve and when it hits midnight i wanted to  shout out 
    "AM GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!" but we aren't becasue of money so FI said I couold shout it out in our backyard.  I am such a dork LOL.
    No really bad dreams. for me just one where I forgot to order flowers and my garter.  FI's mom had one for me but it looked really gross.
     Fi had one, a good one and he said our wedding looked beautiful.
  • I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I can't believe its finally almost here!!!  I had alot of nightmares in the beginning of my planning, they have stopped for now, and I'm sure they will be back! lol
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  • It's getting so close!
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  • ok so i'm looking at the calendar and trying to figure out when i'm going to my hometown to do all the stuff that requires my presence to finalize details (about 90 miles away).  and we also need to make a couple of day trips to meet with our officiant who is a close friend of the family and lives 2 hours away.  add in our regular life and things we do on the weekends (like FI's son here every other weekend) and there are NOT enough weekends!!

    But I'm still super excited that we're getting married in 4 months and 2 days!
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