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hand-addressing on label?

My invitations came with ivory labels that you can use to print the mailing address and return address (one big label for both addresses). I was planning to do this, but then decided I'd rather hand-address the invitations.

The problem is that the envelopes are dark brown, and I haven't been able to find an ink color that shows up well enough (I tried metallic silver and gold, which were visible but could be hard to see in certain light). My question is, can I handwrite the addresses on the label, or would that look weird?

Re: hand-addressing on label?

  • Totally weird.
  • unless you have gorgeous hand writting, i wouldn't. i personally have really nice handwritting, but i'm sure after about 30 invitations, my wrist would be sore and my handwritting will start to become a little less nice.

    i printed our address on the rsvp envelopes and for the invitation am printing on clear labels.

    for you, i'd use the cream labels that came with the invitation. plus you already have them, so it won't be an additional cost!
  • I think it's fine to hand-address labels, I like the personal look if your handwritting is decent...however, writting on the labels I think would be strange.
  • So the consensus is that I should just print the labels? I saw another thread a while back that was saying that if you print the labels your guests will think you don't care enough about them to handwrite their address of something, but I can't imagine any of my guests really caring, and besides writing with whiteout I don't really know what my other options would be...
  • Pick a gorgeous font, design something pretty, and print.  We did wrap around labels because we had black envelopes - photos in my planning bio.
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    I am going to be the voice of dissent somewhat here -- I received an invitation once that was, like yours, in a dark envelope (navy), and they used a label that was plain cream with a decorative border (it was like a knotted rope, they had a nautical theme) and their return address within the top part of the border.  The guest's address was then handwritten in navy ink on the label.  (It was a matte label so the ink worked easily.)  It was *very* cute and didn't look weird at all, though it definitely was also not the most formal-looking envelope, so I think it depends a little bit on what sort of vibe you're going for.  I think the fact that it had the decorative elements printed on it made it work better than if everything had been handwritten.

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