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Design Help!!

Hi ladies,

Up until this point, I've had all my stationary (save-the-dates, wedding suite, shower invitations) made by a designer.  However I want to add some other printed items for our guestbook table, dessert table, etc. that I don't want to pay someone to design. What programs/ sites have you guys used to help make other stationary items?  Where did you find other fonts?  I'm so clueless but I know we've got a lot of DIY ladies on this board!!

TIA for all your help!

PS- 100 DAYS?!?!?
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Re: Design Help!!

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    You can always just use printshop on your computer. Or you can check with Vistaprint and see what they offer.
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    I use Microsoft Publisher for a lot of the stuff that I do. Look for inspiration online and then design your own.
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    You should be able to make something decent just in Paint. I used Photoshop to design all of our stuff, though.

    And check for fonts- Lots of great free fonts.

    If you need clip art, check Lots of more vintagey type stuff, but there are also some pretty plain flourishes and boarders in there, too :)
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    Vista Print has amazing deals!
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    I agree with PP, it might be easiest to design something yourself if you want everything to keep matching. If you know what fonts were used you can probably download them free at or something like that. :)

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    I designed everything with Photoshop or MS Word, and had most of my stuff printed at  I've also ordered some stuff off of Vistaprint, and I did order my STDs from Wedding Paper Divas.

    I also second, and for Photoshop brushes.
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    Microsoft publisher is my savior, as well as I used Shutterfly for my STD and I just made my photo guestbook from there for $20!! It's perfect and I made it within 2 hours, and was able to use their base design and add some personal flare to it! Sign up for Shutterfly's emails, and they have amazing deals! Their photobooks are 40% off right now!
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