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My uncle stole my idea!

So I'm confused as to how I should react to this. Several months ago, I asked my favorite cousin Mark to sing a particular song at our wedding.  He sings in professional choirs and has a beautiful voice.  Well recently my uncle (not Mark's dad, it's his uncle too) who is also getting married this summer decided he wanted Mark to sing the SAME SONG at his wedding.  My uncle's ceremony is a month before mine, and most of the same family from that side will be at both weddings.

I'm not entirely thrilled at the idea of my uncle preempting my wedding idea, but do I have the right to be angry?  Mark is his nephew and they are also close.  We both want to include him and his voice in our ceremonies.  But does it have to be the same exact song? To complicate matters further, my uncle's wedding is only six weeks away, so if I'm going to ask him to change I need to do it soon.

Re: My uncle stole my idea!

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    First of all I understand why you are upset, but please reconsider asking your uncle to change his song selection.

    It would come off as rude and inconsiderate no matter how you word it.

    Maybe your uncle didn't steal your song idea to be spiteful but maybe he really likes the way your cousin sings the song.

    As for your family hearing the song twice, don't worry if your cousin is talented family won't mind hearing again.

    Also your cousin's singing will be a treat for your FI's family and friends.



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    Is this song something that is traditionaly sung at weddings, church or at your family functions?  Did you uncle know that you were asking your cousin to sing this song?
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    It is a traditional church song and my uncle did know mark was singing it for me...that's where he got the idea!
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