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Not to be a downer...but I figured I should start posting again!

Hey ladies...

I have been on the knot for a while now - we got engaged in May 2011.  The weekend we got engaged, my FI found a lump in my breast.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer have been undergoing chemotherapy.  So...thinking about a wedding while I'm fighting for my life isn't exactly high on my priority list.

Anyhow, this post really isn't to bring everyone down!  We have postponed our wedding from next May to...well, next fall or early 2013?  All I keep saying is that I can get married without hair, but I have to get married with boobs! (well, the wigs are pretty amazing and I can always do extensions!!!)

So....here's the whole point of this post!!!  I'm trying to think of all the DIY things I may want to do in the interim.  Since we don't have a date picked out, I can't do invites or save the date....we DO know where we want to book (the Marriott Singer Island). 

I'm thinking I'll work on a card box, maybe play with some centerpiece ideas...

Any other ideas on what I can start working on? :)  I have LOTS of time!!!

Thanks ladies!

Re: Not to be a downer...but I figured I should start posting again!

  • lizzied82lizzied82 member
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    A photo card box!

    How about designing and thinking about your dream menu? Signature cocktails? Buy a bunch of bridal magazines and cut out your own real inspiration boards...... That way when you start to REALLY hardcore plan, you will have lots of solid ides! 
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  • FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    First of all, I'm sorry to hear you are battling breast cancer. You are in my thoughts! As far as DIY items: cardbox, name dress hanger, invite/stationary design, "We Do" letters, attendant gifts, unity candle/sand ceremony items, centerpiece ideas, favors.. That's all I can think of now!! Keep us updated on your health and wedding progress!

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    Thanks for sharing your story. You are definitely in my thoughts. I second PPs suggestions for DIY, and I think planning your inspiration board is a great idea! It'll be fun, and will really help you explore your vision before you start planning.
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    I'm sorry you're going through this - but it sounds like you're being really positive which is great! And you're right about how great the wigs are - my fi's aunts is so perfect I really didn't believe it was a wig. I agree with everyone to look through magazines - there are so many little ideas. Martha Stewart weddings have a ton of diy ideas - depending on how crafty you are because I'm no where near ms and some of her ideas are way out of my league. The name hangers are a great idea. Right now I'm working on boxes for the kids table and out of town guests. I bought these little cardboard carry boxes (almost look like lunch boxes) from another knottie and I'm decorating them to put stuff in and leave for hotel guests and also to put on the kids table with items to keep them busy. If you know all the places your wedding will take place you could make a little hand made map to put in the invites! I saw some great ones on the invites board that I'm thinking of trying. My best friend made her own flower girl basket - I'm having someone on etsy make me a matching basket and ring bearer pillow but it's totally possible to do them yourself - esp if you're as crafty as the girl on etsy. Maybe bedazzle some tanks or hoodies for your bridal party or flower girls? Favors if it's not food.
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    Thanks everyone for the good ideas to start
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    Arrgh hit post too soon.....but THANKS EVERYONE!
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