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We finally have our date!!!

I am so excited!! Since we are waiting until 2012 to get married we really have not been in  a hurry to plan ANYTHING...which is nice.
My future moother-in-law has been on me about actually setting the date and since we have a deployment in our very near future we figured that it needed to get done. I called the priest and thank goodness I did!! There was already a wedding booked for June and 2 booked for July for 2012!!
So yesterday we met with him and now we can officially say that we are getting married on June 2, 2012 at 2 pm!!!!! =-)
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Re: We finally have our date!!!

  • Awesome!  Our date is June 2, 2012 too!  Congrats!
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  • Congratulations!!!! I happy you got the date you wanted. We definitely have more than enough time to plan everything stressful free and enjoy it :) Looking foward to sharing ideas.
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  • Congratulations! Its so nice to have time to plan. I will be looking forward to sharing ideas with you and hearing all about your planning. Good Luck.
  • Congrats! I know its feels so weird to try to pinpoint a date because it is so far in the future but it sort of makes it concrete when you finally do it!
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  • Congrats! We're June 2, 2012 too! More time to save money and plan without becoming too frenzied...and yes, people think we're crazy for waiting so long. But, we're already committed to each other, and I'm enjoying the word "fiancee," so what's the rush?! Anyway, congrats Junies!!

  • Congrats! This is our date too!
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  • Thanks everyone! I am looking forward to planning this wedding! We are getting ready for my fiance to get deployed so starting to make lists of things we need to get done when he gets beck!
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