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RSVP etiquette

I want to add to my rsvp card something about "ceremony only" or "ceremony and reception"  I know some of the folks we are inviting from church may not want to attend the reception (in a different location)  Is that rude or does that incinuate to people that we don't want them to attend both?  This is the layout i was thinking:

-ceremony and reception
-ceremony only
-regretfully can not attend

Ideas?  Suggestions?! 
Thanks ladies! 

Re: RSVP etiquette

  • the rsvp is only for the reception. who really cares how many people are going to the ceremony? unless there's a limit to the number of people the site/church can fit, there's no need for you to know who's going and who's not.
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    Ditto what psichick said.  That's just odd.  I think typically it can be assumed that if they plan on coming to the reception, then they will be at the ceremony as well. Why would you want to give your guests the option to opt out of your ceremony?  I would nix this idea altogether.
  • I think if you wanted to do this, you could have "number attending ceremony" and "number attending reception" with blanks.
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  • Thanks ladies!  Sounds like no one is a fan so I'll just do it the old school way!  Makes sense!  Appreciate the honesy!  :) 
  • If you're serving dinner at the reception and there's more than one entree choice, you could have people indicate what they want for dinner on their reply card.  That way you'll get a count for your reception AND a count for your caterer! 

  • Why does it matter who attends the ceremony?  If people are only going to attend one or the other, they'll do so whether you ask for that information on the RSVP or not...
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  • It doesn't matter who attends the ceremony...i'm just curious if anyone plans to attend ceremony only and not reception...like some of the older folks.  that way, if they have no intention of coming to the reception, i wouldn't include that info to the caterer!  But...sounds like I just have to take the rsvp as a both and just deal with the cost if they don't show!  :)
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