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I'm looking for any feedback on this company.

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    My best friend just got married Sunday and used the photographer Palo from George Street. He has an awesome accent! Seriously though, I really liked him. Being in the bridal party, he knew what he wanted but was very flexible working with the very opinionated mother of the bride. He was professional and fun. During the reception I asked him if he'd gotten any good pics. He showed me one of the bride's aunt and baby cousin. Beautiful - They were on the dance floor in focus, and everything behind them was blurry. I haven't seen the whole album online yet, but I have a good feeling. Once I see the photos, he could very well be a contender for my wedding! 
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    I just used George Street three weeks ago. Tom was our photographer, he was fantastic! I am very glad that I went with them. Our second choice was actually Palo, his work look awesome as well!
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