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Getting in Shape

What is your biggest diet challenge right now?

For me past challenges was drinking enough water, quiting diet sodas, and fighting sugar cravings. 
Currently I for some reason am having a hard time eating enough veggies. I usually love veggies but now they bore me. I am over salads right now and I need to eat more dark green veggies. I took a week and just didn't stress it hoping to feel better about them this week. I eat them but it's such a chore. 

Re: What is your biggest diet challenge right now?

  • raynesraynes
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    For me, right now, it's getting out of a food funk.  I've been eating the same things for too long and I'm very much over them.

    So, this week I took the time to plan out all my meals (again, haven't done this properly in a while), snacks included and I made a conscious effort to shake things up.

    It's way too easy to fall into food habits!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • protein protein protein. 

    just trying to fit more of it in (without increasing carbs) is a constant challenge. 
  • I eat. I eat too much. I eat for the wrong reasons. I snack. I eat the wrong things. Sigh. 
  • I eat when I'm bored.  I've been a lot more aware of it lately, but if I'm sitting around at the house I immediately go for food and don't even realize it.  I'm getting better, but still working on it.
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  • Being strong at work and turning down all the temptations.  Doughnuts in the breakroom, cookies in the cafeteria and birthday cake for so-and-so - oh my!!  It's sooooo hard for me to keep saying no, but at the same time, it's so much easier to say "I'll have none" than "I'll have one."  Because honestly, the sweet stuff is my ultimate trigger food where I can't just have a normal portion. 

    Ugh.  Must work on my "saying no" muscle. 
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  • megilbmegilb
    I eat the same things ALL the time. Im like a little kid that will only eat one things for months till they get sick of it and get on a new kick! lol
    Its really not healthy, and I need to expand my horizons!!!

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  • Not eating what FI is eating.. He goes out with friends for lunch each day, and once or twice per week they go out to a pub for bar food.. I can't go, because I wouldn't be able to stop myself from eating (and drinking) what they're having. This frustrates me because I miss out on going out and because it's unfair that some people can eat whatever they want and I can't..
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  • Eating healthier, mostly eating less "bad" food.
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  • ditto jenb - i literally get in about half the protein that i should each day.

    that, and not eating late at night.
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  • Eating out too much, and alcohol. Both things FI and I are trying to work on in the interest of saving money - which will help our waistlines too. Excercise-wise, I'm in a boredom funk right now  - thank god I have training to get my ass to the gym! I hate running right now, so I've been doing it 1-2 times a week, rather than 2-3. And due to having a sick kitty this weekend, I didn't make it to yoga or the gym on Saturday or Sunday.
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  • Eating at home. I'm really good about cooking dinner at home during the week, and taking the leftovers for my lunches, but by the time the weekend rolls around, I just want to eat out, especially if it's a payday weekend. Then, if I do eat out, I feel guilty for dropping all that money on something I could just as easily have made at home for a fraction of that cost.
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  • Protein for sure! Especially after just converting to being a Vegan I need it more now!
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  • Balance. I've been struggling with the balance of cutting back enough to lose weight, but not cutting back so much that I don't have the energy to work out. I've realized that my body really does need more calories, and that I can't ignore the signals. 
  • In Response to Re: What is your biggest diet challenge right now?:
    [QUOTE]I eat. I eat too much. I eat for the wrong reasons. I snack. I eat the wrong things. Sigh. 
    Posted by number55[/QUOTE]

    Me too.

    I finally have gotten to a point where I love working out.

    But eating healthy CONSISTENTLY is my biggest struggle.
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  • Definitely portion control . . . I eat mostly healthy things but I have trouble stopping at a reasonable portion size. 
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  • i need to eat a lot more protein, quit diet pop, and try harder on avoiding sweets
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