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Program Questions

I am working on our program and all of my grandparents have passed and only 1 of my fiance garndparetns is going to make it.

Do I still put all of our grandparents on the program or just the 1 grandparent that is coming?

Re: Program Questions

  • I think you might just want to put the living Grandparents name..... but maybe have a section that speaks to those who have passed? 

    I didn't put names of Grandparents on mine, but you could do it either way. 

    Here is a site that I found some quotes that people have used. 
  • I think you put "Grandparent of the Groom" near Parents of Groom, then list the other couples in the "in honor of those who are with us in spirit today," or something similar, that's what I did. 
  • Here is my biggest issue, my Maid of Honor has passed and will be listed in the program as the Maid of Honor.

    She is the whole reason me and my fiance are together and my is my Bestie, I don't want anyone else to be my Maid of Honor.

    So I need to find cool wording to list everyone else that passed.  

    Heather is going to be listed under Maid of Honor and location is simply going to say Heaven.  I know I can do that same thing for my Grandparents, but I need to find out how to word it for my fiance's grandparents where is grandfather is still with us and grandmother will be watching from above.
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