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Make up 'real' vs air brushed

I am back from being drugged for a few weeks from the kidney stone and kidney stone surgery. I have the rest of this week off and then go back Monday...yay!

I have been seeing a lot about 'air brushed' make up and how it stays on so much better. Any thoughts or personal exper with it? Is it sprayed on like how they air brush the white on your nails at some nail places? Do I sound dumb right now? lol Lets just blame it on the 10mgs of vicodin I took at 7pm ok...lol

Re: Make up 'real' vs air brushed

  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    You are right - it is kind of like the nail places. I had my epics done with standard foundation, then I provided my face for some tests for Brideface when they were moving to airbrush. In my opinion, after wearing airbrush three times from them and foundation twice, airbrush feels like you have NOTHING on your face, but covers VERY well. I broke out the night before the wedding, and you cant see a thing on a single close up. I recommend it for summer brides due to sweating, as well as some model in a bottle.
  • courtzfcourtzf member
    edited December 2011
    I'm getting airbrush from brideface, and I was wondering if they spray anything over it (like Model in a Bottle) to seal it in, or should I buy a bottle of it to use throughout the night?
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    I used Jean Folchi for my wedding and she used airbrush on me.  Like kel said, it feels very light on your skin, but still covers very well.  She didn't use anything over the foundation and it lasted all day and night (got my make-up done around 11AM).

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    I too had my makeup done by Jean Folchi and prefer airbrush over regular makeup. It doesn't rub off on clothes either!
  • CincyBride29CincyBride29 member
    edited December 2011
    I have had Brideface do both on me and I prefer the airbrush too.  It is so light you dont feel like you are caked down in makeup. 

    Courtzf - they do spray model in a bottle over the airbrush so dont buy any!
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  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    Brideface does use Model in a bottle... its fab.

  • greatgirl29greatgirl29 member
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    Though  I live in Cincy I was just married in New Orleans last weekend.  I had my makeup airbrushed and I am so happy I did.  It held up in the 90 plus degree heat and awful humidity in a way that I don't think traditional make up  could have. They do spray it on a little like a spray tan and it feels and smells very nice, relaxing actually.  I recommend it.
    Good luck and you will be beautiful no matter what!
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